Viernes divertido buscar: Neo-tapetes por Asimina Chremos

por Kathryn en Mayo 4, 2012 · 6 Comentarios

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I recently received a message from Asimina Chremos introducing me to her lovely crochet work. She calls them neo-doilies and you can see why; they’re an alternative free form style take on the traditional doily.

crochet doily art Fun Friday Find: Neo Doilies by Asimina Chremos Forgotten

I love the shapes but what I love even more is the great fun color choices!

urban crochet art Fun Friday Find: Neo Doilies by Asimina Chremos

Thousand Year Egg

I also love how she’s got them displayed in urban settings, like the terrific urban crochet work done by other artists like Crystal Gregory y NeSpoon.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Fun Friday Find: Neo Doilies by Asimina Chremos

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