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8 Más formas de estilo un vestido amarillo con ganchillo

Earlier today I showed you some options for matching different colored crochet scarves to a yellow dress. Pero las bufandas no son la única opción de ganchillo para labrar un vestido amarillo. Aquí están algunas otras opciones.

Make a yellow dress super feminine with a pink crochet flower and pink heels. (Nota, this crochet flower was a gift from crocheTime, best known for the terrific relojes de ganchillo she makes.)

A funky belt makes the combo of a purple crochet scarf and a yellow dress even more eclectic. Purple shoes finish off the look.

A cool crochet hat is the only accessory you need when you’ve got a dress like this that really stands out on its own.

A warm weather look for a yellow dress: Add a brown leather jacket, brown patterned fishnet tights and brown cowgirl boots to create a warm funky style then add an autumnal crochet cowl to finish off the look.

White makes a yellow dress look soft and summery but make it a crochet shawl and you’ll still stay cozy.

It’s tough to pull off multi-colored crochet accessories with a yellow dress but it can be done. I chose a ponchette that has just a tiny bit of yellow to make a match but then has blues and greens so it’s not overwhelming to look at.

Ready for the beach with a crochet bucket hat and a matching crochet tote bag.

A classy black crochet cowl and heels is perfect for taking this yellow dress to a cocktail party. Don’t forget the wine in thread crochet cozies!

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San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

7 Comentarios:

  1. You’re always so creative with your outfits. They all look nice. :)

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