Nuevos servicios, Actualización diaria de puestos de trabajo y mucho más en mi esquina del ganchillo

Here’s this week’s update on my services, what’s happening on this blog and what I’m working on right now.

Get My Unique Blog Report for Your Crochet Blog

I am now offering professional services as a craft blogger to help you build, grow and improve your own blog. For less than $100 I will do a complete review of your craft blog and write up your own unique report showing what your strengths and weaknesses are, making recommendations for changes and growth and giving you some ideas for where to go next to improve your blog.

Trabajos de ganchillo

For the first two months of the year I searched every weekday to find crochet jobs around the nation to deliver to you. Some people responded really well and said that they enjoyed these posts. Sin embargo, for the most part these posts went large ignored by my readership. This leads me to think that the daily posts might not make sense on this blog. I’m re-working my plan for how I want to share crochet jobs (because I still do want to share them). I will have an update soon.

Crocheting a Basketball Net

I’m wrapping up my design submission for an urban art project designed tocure empty net syndromeby installing crochet and knit nets on empty basketball hoops in various cities. I’m finding it tougher to design the knit than I thought but I’m having so much fun with it.

Now Using Polyvore

I’ve started playing around with Polyvore, specifically using their tools to put together fashionable outfits that include crochet. I created a post over the weekend where you can go to mix-and-match items that have been featured in my designer crochet posts to create a stylish crochet outfit that gets added to the gallery for everyone to see. I’d love it if some people decided to participate, as this is a feature I’m wanting to explore further for this site and I’d love to get some feedback on using it!

Happy Monday everyone. Tienen una gran semana!


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

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  1. What a bummer. I loved your crochet jobs posts!

  2. What a bummer. I loved your crochet jobs posts!

  3. .I love reding the job posts. I hope you can find a way to continue them in some incarnation

  4. .I love reding the job posts. I hope you can find a way to continue them in some incarnation.

  5. I have been searching everywhere for jobs crocheting. I’m not ready to start my own business or make my own patterns yet though I have free handed a few projects and can sometimes look at a project and figure out how it was made. I just want to make a little money and make projects for others. The only thing for sure are the charities which I would love to do if I had free supplies, but I need to supplement my husbands income as I am a domestic engineer.


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