Envía tu Crochet: Exhorta a ganchillo para la presentación 2/7/12

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crochet calls for submission Submit your Crochet: Crochet Calls For Submission 2/7/12


Patrón ganchillo convocatorias de presentación

Crochetvolution Verano 2012

The Spring issue of Crochetvolution just came out and that means they’re now seeking submissions for Summer. Patterns should be summer themed but that could range from bookmarks for summer reading to lightweight shawls for cool summer evenings. This one pays via banner ad only but I think you retain some rights.

Fecha tope 3/31/12

Más información aquí

Llamadas Crochet Escritura para la Presentación

Crochetvolution Verano 2012

Just thought I’d mention that this one is also seeking articles about niche crochet techniques like tapestry crochet and hairpin lace. The designer’s link above will take you to more info.

Llamadas Crochet Arte para la Presentación

Looking For Fiber Based Media on the Topic of Motherhood

This person is writing a paper about fiber artists who are interested in the topic of motherhood and the arts; send her images or web links to your work to be a part of this paper. Ella dice: “Female artists have gained some ground over the past few decades, but there are still unspoken rules remaining: artists who happen to be mothers tend to keep it quiet lest they be written off, and heaven forbid they make art on the subject. While art historians have always studied and noted the influence of travel, los amigos, and milieux on the work of male artists, the most profound and life-altering experience of all has been ignored in these discussions of creative inspiration, because it is an exclusively female phenomenon.

Cuota: none

Fecha tope: 3/31/12

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Ketchikan Arts Call for Artists

New and emerging artists are invited to submit their work for a gallery show for the 2012-2013 temporada.

Cuota: none listed

Fecha tope: 2/27/12

Más información aquí

Reflections in Fiber Art

Entries being accepted for a fiber medium and techniques exhibition. “El trabajo debe incorporar principalmente textiles, técnicas (acolchado, punto de cruz, bordado, tejeduría, cuerda, guita, hilo, moribundo, estampado, transferencias, etc) y otros materiales de las técnicas mixtas.”

Cuota: $40

Fecha tope: 3/16/12

Más información aquí

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Submit your Crochet: Crochet Calls For Submission 2/7/12
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