Hilado impresionante descuentos para mis suscriptores

As I mentioned briefly in this week’s Esquina del ganchillo, I’ve got a great offer for people who choose to subscribe to my new monthly Crochet Concupiscence newsletter. Not one, but two, terrific online yarn sellers are offering special discounts to my readers in my February newsletter which obviously hits inboxes soon. So make sure that you sign up for the newsletter.

Thanks Yarns of Italy and Six Skeins!!

Hilados de Italia

iusb 760x100.8864472 3 Awesome Yarn Discounts for My Subscribers

Primero, we’ve got a 15% discount code for my subscribers from Hilados de Italia. Yarns of Italy is a terrific online U.S. store that sources amazing yarn from Italy and brings it here to sell to you at really affordable prices. En serio, you should feel like you’re getting a discount with this store even before applying the coupon code. (No, I didn’t get anything special for saying that.)

Por ejemplo:

wool yarn 500x437 Awesome Yarn Discounts for My Subscribers

This chunky wonderful Lapponia yarn is in the store’s $5 or less section right now.

thick and thin yarn Awesome Yarn Discounts for My Subscribers

At $24 this yarn sounds pricey until you realize you’re getting nearly 300 yards of bulk thick/thin novelty yarn for that great pre-discount price!

alpaca yarn Awesome Yarn Discounts for My Subscribers

This is one of their fingering weight yarns, made mostly of baby alpaca with some merino and nylon thrown in for good measure. Yum.

I’ve ordered from Yarns of Italy multiple times and have always been happy with what I’ve gotten. En realidad, I just ordered several special things for myself (nevermind that plan to Surmount my Stash!) and I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of that package.

Six Skeins

six skeins yarn Awesome Yarn Discounts for My Subscribers

The second yarn seller that is offering a discount to my newsletter subscribers is Six Skeins en Etsy. I’ve loved the yarn that I’ve purchased from this story in the past, like this Aran weight British Bluefaced Leicester yarn:

six skeins yarn store 400x299 Awesome Yarn Discounts for My Subscribers

It is the various hand-dyed yarns that I personally really love from this store. Sin embargo, Six Skeins offers a variety of supplies as well as finished items. Por ejemplo, check out the creative yarn packs:

creative yarn packs 400x299 Awesome Yarn Discounts for My Subscribers

Recuerda, you have to sign up for the Crochet Concupiscence newsletter to see these discounts which will be part of the February issue.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Awesome Yarn Discounts for My Subscribers

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