Yarn Snapshot: Alpaca Suri Ribbon

por Kathryn en Enero 11, 2012 · 3 Comentarios

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This is what I’m working with right now:

suri ribbon alpaca yarn Yarn Snapshot: Alpaca Suri Ribbon

This is Suri Ribbon by The Alpaca Yarn Company. Tiene 100% superfine alpaca.

It feels lovely and is a great color combining different blues and greens.

suri ribbon yarn Yarn Snapshot: Alpaca Suri Ribbon

It’s a bit tough to figure out what to do with it, Aunque, because it’s such a thick ribbon yarn and only comes 17 yards to a skein. I’m working it out using a K hook. Will certainly share when I have something.

What have you done with ribbon yarn?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Yarn Snapshot: Alpaca Suri Ribbon

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  1. [...] The cowl collar, which can be turned down or left up, is made from Suri Ribbon Alpaca Yarn. [...]

  2. [...] the straps so that instead of going on my shoulders I could just tie them behind my neck. I took Alpaca Suri Ribbon and did a single crochet with it around each of those straps to add some detail to the neck ties. [...]

  3. [...] in a size K. The yarn that I used is the blue and green superfine bulky alpaca suri ribbon that I showed off earlier this [...]

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