Hoy estoy usando dos diferentes crochet accesorios. En primer lugar, I’m wearing the three-chain floral necklace that we’ve already seen once before. This time, Sin embargo, I’ve tied the chains tight in the back to make a choker-style necklace instead of a loose necklace, de-emphasizing the chains whereas they were emphasized before. The second crochet accessory I’ve got on is a chunky grey and black crochet bracelet. I made this by creating hdc chains and winding them around a cardboard tube I had (that actually came from the inside of Hilado de bambú de seda de Paton). I have mixed feelings about this chunky cuff bracelet. I love that it’s bold but I don’t usually wear bracelets and part of me thinks it might be too much. Qué te parece?

El traje

Crochet accessories, black tank top, grey sweater T-shirt, black and white pinstripe skirt, black opaque tights, tacones negros

Ganchillo detalle

Los zapatos

If I had red flats then I’d definitely be wearing them with this outfit. If I was going walking you’d see me in my grey and black flats again. I have worn this outfit in the past with black boots. But today it’s just simple and easy black heels.

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