Mi Crochet: Manta de bambú de seda grande Granny

He terminado mi abuela grande nueva plaza manta. It’s smaller than the last one that I made, diseñado para ser más que una manta de regazo de una manta de cama full.

Yarn Used for Crochet Blanket

I made this blanket for myself using one of my favorite yarns: Bambú de seda de Paton. It’s nice and soft and lovely and perfect to cuddle up with in front of the fireplace while crocheting or reading. I had actually purchased a bunch of this yarn intending to use it to make the Comodidad de Pam Cables afgano. Por desgracia, due to problems with the pattern that Knit Picks wouldn’t respond to me about, I am not able to use the pattern that I purchased and I’ve just set it aside. It worked out well in a way, Aunque, because that pattern would have been very textured and I’m discovering through more use that this yarn isn’t as soft in textured pieces and should be used for looser open designs like this one (en mi opinión).

Crochet Blanket Color Choices

I had previously used both the sapphire and grey colors of this yarn and liked both of them together. I wanted to add a little bit more pop so I chose the purple orchid color for a few of the details. It’s hard to see the great purple color in these photos but it’s an intense and lovely color.

Crochet patrón manta

I didn’t use a specific pattern for this blanket although it’s the same basic design that I used for the last granny square. i make a large granny square to the width of the blanket size that I want. I use mostly a main solid color with a few rows here and there of the other color. En este caso, the main blanket color is grey and I used a few rows of purple then a few rows of blue to add color to the pattern. Once I have the width, I add rows of crossed double crochet to the top and bottom to get the length that I want. I like this approach and will likely use it for additional blankets.

This Blanket Needs an Edging

I thought that I was done with this blanket but when I laid it out to take some photos I realized that it looks unfinished. It needs an edging. I did put two rows of half double crochet all around the border but I think it needs more. For the last large blanket I used a bulky yarn (Bohemio de los patons) for a rich textured border. I’m either going to do something similar to that again or I’m going to create a more detailed crochet edging with the purple silk bamboo.

Do you like large grannies? Do you make them?

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12 Comentarios:

  1. It looks very nice Kathryn. I love to crochet granniesbig or small. :)

  2. I like your crossed dc idea. It’s weird how some blankets look fine without borders and others look totally unfinished andneeda border.

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  7. Hola Kathryn,
    I wanted you to know how long I’ve been looking for someone to actually write about this pattern, Oh, acerca de 4 yrs. In my head I could see it & just went for it, the blanket turned out lovely but I still searched for someone else to have done this and write about it. Gracias. For anyone who loves the granny square, you must try this!! I love the idea of a different weight yarn for the border.. Seguro. I’ll be making one in a few days.. more of an afghan than a blanket using 3 diversos colores. Maybe I will post a pic here for you to see to the finished product. Gracias de nuevo. Karen

  8. Have been looking for someone who has made this and wrote about it. I had a picture in my head so I just went for it. That was about 4 yrs ago. I still searched for someone’s pattern and now I’ve found it. I love the idea of using a different weight yarn for the edge & the picture is beautiful. I’ll be making another one in a few days, it will be 3 colors but more an afghan than blanket. Anyone who loves the granny square
    should really use this pattern for a different look. It’s easy and fast & turns out so pretty & warm. Kathryn gracias! Karen

  9. I love large granny squares, but there are so many gorgeous options out there it can be so difficult to decide. Yours look great and there are other great examples out there on the net too, como éste: http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2012/12/8/giant-giant-granny-square-blanket.html

    Gracias por compartir :)

  10. carolrmckay Yep, I do love that one by Purl Bee!


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