Etsy Crochet entrevista con colección Castaway

Tracy Roul es una diseñadora de ganchillo canadiense con una tienda llamada colección Castaway. Ella hace una gran variedad de golosinas de ponchos para fundas de almohada. Hoy me complace compartir con ustedes una entrevista con esta señora impresionante en el que ella comparte cómo inspiran sentimientos a su trabajo, su gran experiencia ganchillo con mujeres en un refugio y mucho más sobre su trabajo. Y al final de la entrevista usted encontrará un código de descuento para mis lectores!


CROCHETBLOGGER: Leí que estabas inspirado para aprender a hacer ganchillo por las mujeres en el refugio de mujeres Qimaavik. Puede compartir más sobre lo que era y cómo crocheting era un beneficio para ellos? Parece tan poderoso!

Mi padre vive en Iqaluit, NU ya trabajaría allí durante los veranos para ayudar a cubrir el costo de la Universidad de. Estaba completando un grado en trabajo Social para que esta posición al abrigo de las mujeres fue un ajuste muy bueno para mí. Han convocado con un Master de trabajo Social de Universidad conmemorativa de Terranova.

Mi experiencia en el refugio de la mujer Qimaavik era ciertamente muy poderoso y uno que no olvidaré. Las mujeres (muchos de ellos con los niños) tuvo que dejar todo lo que tenían y sabían para protegerse y proteger a su familia contra la violencia. Este albergue sirve a las mujeres no solo de Iqaluit, sino también las comunidades circundantes que sólo son accesibles a través de avión.

Como te puedes imaginar, Este es un momento terriblemente difícil en la que las mujeres a menudo buscó mutuamente apoyo. Las mujeres a menudo se sentaron alrededor de ganchillo individualmente como una fuente de ingresos. Artes de fibra son muy populares en las comunidades del norte y las creaciones son simplemente asombrosas! Pero muy pronto pude ver cómo las mujeres comenzaron a bond y a confiar mutuamente. Tuvieron la oportunidad de intercambiar historias con otros que podrían entender las complejidades de la vida en una situación de violencia. Muy pronto, estas mujeres se convirtió en un maestro me toma gran orgullo en compartir esta forma de arte tradicional. Me sentí tan bendecida de ser incluidos en este círculo y realmente siento que esta experiencia nos ayudó a crecer en una persona más completa. Yo realmente esperaba que estas sesiones de la tarde y estoy aún asombrado a reflexionar sobre este proceso ayudando a.

CROCHETBLOGGER: Wow. ¿Qué maravillosa experiencia! Puede usted decirnos un poco acerca de los elementos que crochet?

Almohadas de náufrago colección Granny Square

Yo siempre he ha señalado a los elementos que son clásicamente bellos. Cuando mi prima sugirió que abrir una tienda en Etsy, Realmente quería desarrollar una colección que era eterna. I had often crocheted baby hats and blankets as gifts but I could see that opening a shop would be a good fit with me. I design pieces that are meant to be used. I love picturing one of my blankets draped across someone’s couch or one of my newborn hats as the first thing a parent puts on their little baby before leaving the house. And I do love the idea of design pieces for photographers since most newborn photographers love to capture a timeless photo and I think that my pieces fit with this art form too.

CROCHETBLOGGER: You offer a lot of great crochet items for babies. Do you have any babies in your own life that inspire your work?

Christmas Crochet Flapper Beanie for Babies


I am a proud mama of two beautiful children! My daughter Mirah is now 3 años de edad. She is just a little doll and sometimes a diva too! My son Jonas is 1 ½ years old and keeps his mom and dad busy. He loves to climb and thinks that he is just hilarious. Life is good and I am so thankful to be able to stay at home with my children for at least another year. I love creating crocheted treasures for my children, many of which have not reached my shop yet. This gives me the opportunity to “test” designs and rework them too.

CROCHETBLOGGER: Where else do you get inspiration for your crochet? I know that you don’t use patterns so can you tell us a little bit about your design process?

I am most often inspired by feelings: the feeling of warmth, amor, and care. My pieces remind me of my grandmother, of a hot cup of tea, and of snuggles under a granny square blanket – all crafted with love with memories. This is the feeling I want to share with my customers; this is where my inspiration comes from. I try to capture this feeling in each and every piece I create from my pixie-styled newborn hats to my granny square pillow covers.

Colors are also very important to me. I am not afraid to use color but I am really drawn to neutral and classic color combinations. I try to make sure that my color choices are going to work in the daily lives of my customers. Take for example my Caribbean Fantasy Blanket. This blanket show cases bright but classic colors of cream, lime green, and orange that I think would fit into the homes of many. And cream, I cannot get enough cream!

Y por último, I am based out of Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada and it is no surprise that inspiration for my shop name came from living so close to the wonderful Atlantic Ocean. I also wanted to connect my work to my home with each collection piece being named after a part of our sea-bound culture.

CROCHETBLOGGER: Congrats on the great response to your new business. What tips do you have for other crafters who are trying to generate interest in their handmade items?

Castaway Collection Crochet Headband with Feather


Stick with it! I can hardly believe that I opened my shop doors less than 3 hace meses. The response I have received has just been amazing which reaffirms that I am on the right track with my business. I think that it is important for crafters to really narrow their focus and create some signature pieces. This helps create familiarity and assist with your branding.

And social networking is so important. Créeme, I am no pro but simple things like creating a facebook fan page, twitter account, y blog have helped my enormously. Después de todo, people need to know about you before they can buy!

And one more tip – be yourself. Let people into your life a little. I think the most powerful connection is when we connect with our hearts. I have found this to be true about all relationships whether in my professional life as a social worker, my personal life, and now within my cyber life.

CROCHETBLOGGER: Tienes algunas chimeneas de ganchillo gran para las mujeres. I’m curious what your opinion is of the current trend of crochet cowls for men.


Colección náufragos infinito bufanda / Chimenea


I have toyed with the idea of creating cowls for men. Me encantan! But only in classic man colors like gray, marrón, navy, or black and they can’t be too chunky. I think it really depends upon the man and his style in terms of pulling this one off!

CROCHETBLOGGER: Is there anything else you want to make sure people know about your work or store?

Come visit and if you don’t see what you are looking for just contact me! I do create custom orders and would love to bring your visions to life. And be sure to sign up and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and my Blog as I offer exclusive deals and discounts directly to my fans that are not always available at my shop.

CROCHETBLOGGER: Finalmente, what is one thing that you really want people to know about crochet?

Crocheting is an art form. It really has stood the test of time and is being reinvented every day.

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  1. Gracias tanta Kathryn! Had a ton of fun! Here is the link to my blog, just a little thank-you note!

  2. Hermoso trabajo, and the part about learning in the women’s shelter is incredibly touching and inspiring. Gracias por compartir la entrevista.


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