Cotización de ganchillo: Nada dice de inicio …

Hoy cita de ganchillo is from Jennifer Cirka of JayBird Designs. It comes from her review of Ellen Gormley’s A Crochet! Taller de diseño afgano: 50 Motivos, 10 Proyectos, 1 Resultados de una clase. The review is in the Winter 2011 cuestión de ganchillo! Revista.

Nothing says “Inicio” to me more than a crocheted afghan made from loving hands.

Aw … what says “Inicio” a usted?


San Francisco basado y escritor obsesionado con ganchillo, soñador y espíritu creativo!

Un comentario:

  1. Crafted items scattered throughout the house. It gives it that homey touch which I adore. I just started crocheting again, so you won’t see any crochet items in our home (at least none I’ve madebut my mother has gifted me with a few) but you will see curtains I’ve sewn, beadwork, my paper crafts, and my daughter’s sketches throughout our home. 🙂


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