103-Año-Viejo entregó los ganchillo Doilies para celebrar la longevidad

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crochet hooks 300x172 103 Year Old Hands Out Crochet Doilies to Celebrate Longevity

It seems like there are a lot of 103-year-old women out there who are still crocheting. Hay Oella Norman who spends 6+ hours per day crocheting and some of her other free time on a treadmill! Hay Grace vander Veen who has 30 great-grandchildren she can crochet for. And most recently, I’ve learned about Lydia Campbell.

Campbell nació en 1908 en Memphis, Tennessee, pero ahora vive en el área de Atlanta. Ella dice que una de las claves para mantener su mente activa como ella ha envejecido es hacer el trabajo con la aguja y el hilo. It would be more appropriate to say thread and hook, aunque, since Campbell is known for crocheting doilies.

The neat twist on Campbell’s doilies (besides that she’s still making them at age 103!) is that she carries them around with her to hand out to people. This seems to be a celebration of her longevity since she says:

“Anytime I find someone I haven’t given one to and they find out how old I am, it’s a joy for me to reach in my purse and get a little doily and give it to them.”

I have trouble working with thread instead of yarn and my hands and eyes are more than eighty years younger than hers. Kudos Ms. Campbell!

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