VIH supervivientes del genocidio ruandés fortalecidos por Crochet

Sada, a crochet artisan with Same Sky


I am always amazed at the way that crochet helps people’s lives in so many different ways. At a simple level it provides the average crafter with a stress-relieving creative diversion. And then there are ways that it seriously improves people lives, such as through the Mismo cielo jewelry project which helps provide a living to HIV+ survivors of the 1994 genocidio en Rwanda.

Same Sky is a fair trade company that is designed to empower Rwandan women by providing them with the tools that they need to live self-sustaining lives through gaining a marketable skill and consistent employment. They do this by teaching the women to crochet and make bracelets, which are then sold and the net proceeds of those sales go directly back into the company to provide more Rwandan women with the same opportunity.

Same Sky was founded in 2008. Funciona específicamente para ayudar a mujeres VIH y las mujeres con SIDA que eran sobrevivientes del genocidio. Estas mujeres fueron expuestas al SIDA como un efecto directo de las agresiones sexuales que experimentaron durante el período de genocidio. Durante este tiempo también perdieron a sus maridos y otros parientes masculinos, dejándolos frente a la pobreza una vez el genocidio terminó. Mismo cielo pretende revertir esta situación, devolver a las mujeres su dignidad y su autoestima a través del emprendimiento basado en ganchillo.

Same Sky is just one program like that in which ganchillo plays a role in improving entire societies through entrepreneurial opportunities. Another example that I looked at previously on this blog was Escama Studio, which helps out impoverished women in Brazil. Do you know of any other crochet-based fair trade programs such as these?

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  1. More fair trade crochet

    I love the look of these crocheted covers for exercise balls by a South African group. They don’t just crochet they also use recycled t shirt yarn and what my mother from the North of England would call pegged or rag rugs. The bags this group make look wonderful in the photos I have a friend who has bought bags in this style from South Africa and they are really gorgeous though I not sure if it is the same group. If you are looking for more development/fair trade groups to highlight then I would recommend checking this one out.

    From the blog:
    Mielie, provides a regular income to some 50 gente (mostly women) who handcraft the products that I design. Wherever possible we use recycled materials.

    Also on Facebook asMielie

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