Creative Interview With Crochet Painting Artist Jennifer Cox

Pic 1 JCox

Jennifer Cox is a unique artist who combines crochet with painting in a way that’s original, bold and inviting. She was born and raised in New Jersey, moving to Michigan in 2000. She has training and a degree in advertising and graphic design along with fine art. Asked to describe herself simply, Ella dice, “I’m an artist, designer and mom”. She loves anything creative but her first love is painting and now also crochet. Learn more about this talented artist and her work from the interview below.

A Crochet Mandala Tree for Wink

A Crochet Mandala Tree for Wink

Diny Slamet shares a beautiful yarn bombed tree in Australia that is related to the Mandalas for Marinke project in a small way.

Fair Isle Tunisian Crochet (Reseña del libro)

Fair Isle Tunisian Crochet book

One of the reasons that people love Tunisian crochet is because you can get a knit-like look using the basics of crochet. There may be no pattern more “tejer” than Fair Isle so many people will take an interest in Brenda Bourg’s new crochet book Fair Isle Tunisian Crochet: Step-by-Step Instructions and 16 Colorful Cowls, Sweaters, y mucho más.

Lynda @LoveAGoodYarn Shares Her Crochet Mandala + Health Benefits of CALs

Lynda @LoveAGoodYarn Shares Her Crochet Mandala

Continuing on with the Mandalas for Marinke daily posts, today we’ve got an enchanting contribution from Lynda @loveagoodyarn.

10 Abuela plazas, 30 Bolsas (Reseña del libro de ganchillo)

10 granny squares 30 bags crochet book

I always love the books that Margaret Hubert authors, and she’s especially talented at her work with crochet granny squares (and variations thereof), so it’s no surprise that I’m loving her recent titles which showcase crochet granny blocks in all of their glory. Por ejemplo, I loved her book 10 Abuela plazas, 30 Mantas. And now I’m also loving 10 Abuela plazas, 30 Bolsas.

Danielle’s Crochet Mandala and Always Keep Fighting

Danielle's Crochet Mandala and Story

Today’s meaningful post for Mandalas for Marinke comes to us from Danielle Herie, un 38 year old mother of 2 wonderful children who shares that she has crocheted for more than thirty years and death with depression for over twenty years.