Black Sheep Wools Yarn Haul

Yarn August 15, 2014

The yarn that I used for those dishcloths was among what I purchased to try using that gift card. I thought I’d show off the rest of my Black Sheep Wools yarn haul.

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Spotted: Denver Yarnbomb

Yarnbombing August 14, 2014

My beaux took a trip to Denver / Boulder to see his family. While he was there, he spotted this yarnbomb.

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Sunshine Yellow Crochet Baby Blanket

My crochet work August 13, 2014

I recently made this large crochet granny square blanket that I ended up gifting as a baby blanket to a pregnant friend of mine. I rarely work in yellow but ended up loving it.

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Craftsy Crochet Class Giveaway: Joining Crochet Motifs with Edie Eckman

Crochet Giveaways August 12, 2014

I recently shared with you that Craftsy was offering a free crochet mini class taught by The Crochet Dude. If you haven’t checked it out, you still should. But today I’ve got another great opportunity for you … you can enter to win a Craftsy crochet class taught by Edie Eckman.

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Vintage Patchwork Quilt Crochet Idea

Vintage Crochet August 12, 2014

It’s not a new idea; I found a tutorial for patchwork crochet quilts in a vintage crochet magazine.

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Crochet Spotted Around My World

Crochet Inspiration August 11, 2014

I noticed recently that I have a bunch of crochet photos I’ve taken in the past few months but haven’t shared yet. I thought I’d do a big photo share today.

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Crochet Instagrammed

instagram crochet August 10, 2014

Sundays on Crochet Concupiscence are when we celebrate the best crochet on Instagram.

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