Yarn-Dermy Art Sculptures by Troy Emery

This blog is almost exclusively a crochet blog. I love other yarn crafts but it’s important to me that I feature crochet because it’s the one I really love and there aren’t a lot of sites out there that cater specifically to it. And even so, I’m so incredibly in love with Troy Emery’s yarn and pom faux taxidermy art sculptures that I just have to share them with you!

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Inspiration! 20 Crochet Covered River Rocks and Other Stones

crochet river rocks

I used to collect rocks. If I had known how back then, I surely would have crocheted decorative cozies for some of them! In honor of that fun memory and the fact that today is Collect Rocks Day, I thought I’d share a roundup of crochet-covered stones and rocks, something I haven’t done since 2013 when I shared these 20 unique crochet rocks.

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40 Intriguing Crochet Dolls on Instagram

kukukolki crochet art dolls

I’m always a little bit intrigued by crochet dolls. I’m not talking about amigurumi animals here (although those are adorable and I like them as well!) but instead dolls, especially art dolls, handcrafted in crochet. There are several instagram accounts that I follow that send these inspiring creations to my feed. Here are a few of them to spark your imagination today.

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