My Personal Crochet Crafting Goals for 2013

by Kathryn on January 4, 2013 · 10 comments

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Earlier this week I shared with you my commitment to crochet blogging in 2013. I also shared some of my specific plans and goals for the blog this year. Today I thought I’d share my own personal crafting goals for 2013.

Not Necessarily Resolutions

I mentioned in one of those earlier posts that a lot of people don’t like to make New Year’s Resolutions anymore because there’s a negative association with the whole process. You know how it goes – you make the commitment on New Year’s Day and by the end of January you haven’t worked towards meeting the goals and you just feel bad.

I don’t feel that way about my blogging commitments but I’m hesitant to set truly specific “resolutions” for my crafting goals. One reason is because of that same negative connotation … I set several big goals last year and didn’t meet them. (My 365 project petered out after a few months as did my plan to Surmount My Stash and do Charity Crochet).

I don’t necessarily consider those projects failures, by the way. I think that making those goals helped me organize my intentions and get some great things out of it including a few donations to charity and better control over my yarn stash. But it also made me realized that super specific goals to meet big challenges aren’t necessarily the way to go for my crafting life.

And that brings me to the other reason that I’m not setting specific craft resolutions … crochet is my relaxing getaway, not my job! (Yes, I blog and write about crochet as a job but that’s something different entirely!) I want crochet to be my place of freedom and creativity and not a place of excessive commitments. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t join in with the new year of Year of Projects (despite thinking it’s a good thing to do).

The Loose Goals for 2013

So, I’m not making super specific craft goals for those reasons but I think it’s totally fine to set some good intentions and organize my thoughts on things I’d like to try to accomplish in crochet.

First of all, I want this goal to be my guiding principle in all things I do with crochet:

Crochet is a way to heal myself and others. I will always come to it with a creative and open mind and a desire to use it to do good in some small way.

As for some of the specific things I’d like to learn, try or complete using crochet:

  • Learn a new technique. I really enjoy the broomstick lace that I learned in 2012 and although I don’t have a specific technique in mind I want to learn at least one new thing in crochet this year.
  • Take a crochet class. I’ve never taken one from anyone and I want to see what it’s like even though that’s not typically the way I learn best.
  • Do a large motif-based project. I always say I don’t like weaving in ends and so I never do these but I want to have completed one in my lifetime so I’m going to plan on it! Maybe I’ll use seamless or joing-as-you-go crochet.

And there are also some other things related to the craft that are on my intentions / “wish list”:

  • Visit more Bay Area yarn stores to get a better sense of what type of crochet-friendly LYS options there are here.
  • Go to a yarn district or yarn store in a foreign country!
  • Learn to use the new drop spindle I got in 2012.
  • Try dyeing yarn at least once.
  • Practice mindful crochet. I want to use crafting to be more present.

What are your 2013 crafting goals? Are they specific or general? Share them with the world using the comment section below!

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I think "goals" are better than resolutions. Sometimes we get overzealous with resolutions - determining to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks is completely unreasonable (unless you have back to back bouts of the flu, and then it might be 20! :D). Goals are better, IMHO, because they are more fluid. My goals this year are to sew, crochet, and knit more, and there are other personal goals as well (getting healthy, getting our website up, etc).


Good luck with these goals. My main one is stay organized. I am doing several year long CAL's and continue to test on Ravelry, just don;t want to get overwhelmed by it. I am loving the challenges given to me. Keeping all this in order plus what my 3 children have going on and maintaining that balance will be a lot.


Hi good luck with your goals for 2013 mine are to do a free flower pattern and a granny square pattern every week though 2013 and to finish off some bigger projects that I had to shelve in 2012, not to much so with luck I might achieve it lol


Wonderful crafting goals! I already think you are well on your way to your guiding principle ... you do so much good for the crochet community!!


I like your idea of 'Soft' goals. I'm still working on my list, on the spot as usual!

Thanks for the post!!


I think you are very wise to have some open goals that are more about learning then a very specific project - and also to keep crochet relaxing and not a chore! I agree that even when we don't finish those projects we can learn something!


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