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I’m working my way through the list to complete my Designer έργου πλέκω, στην οποία να ρίξετε μια ματιά στην καριέρα 50 διάσημους σχεδιαστές μόδας και να δούμε τι βελονάκι που έχουν δημιουργήσει ή εμπνευσμένη. This week we’ll look at Pierre Balmain.

Fashion Designer Pierre Balmain

To begin learning about fashion designer Pierre Balmain I’ll turn to Simon Werle’s 50 Σχεδιαστές Μόδας που πρέπει να ξέρετε. The book says first and foremost thatit was thanks to Pierre Balmain that life returned to Parisian haute couture after World War II”. He made it his mission to do this and made it happen in part by introducing a new silhouette in American Vogue described by Werle as: “very feminine with an ultra-slim waist and a long, lavishly wide, tulle skirt”. It brought glamour back to the fashion scene after the blandness of The Depression and then World War II.

Balmain worked with Christian Dior until opeing his own haute couture salon in 1945. He stayed busy after that, debuting his first perfume the following year and opening an accessories boutique the year after that. Two years later he opened a New York store. By the mid 1950s he had 600 employees working in 12 καταστήματα. He also debuted yet another new silhouette at this time, which Werle describes asfigure-hugging and spreading out only from the knee”. Hollywood stars wore his designs in the 1960′s.

Σε 1977 Balmain sold his business. He died five years later. The Balmain house of fashion has continued. It was headed by Oscar de La Renta in the 1990s but really gained traction a few years ago under the heading of Christophe Decarnin. Α great article about Pierre Balmain explains the Decarnin era, ρητό, “Within a few seasons, the stylist succeeded in bringing back Pierre Balmain’s heritage and a modernizing the house’s image by creating extra-short, very-evening dresses which were tremendously successful, and an aristo-rock style to match today’s dynamic woman”. Σε 2011 Decarnin passed the torch to Olivier Rousteing.

Balmain CrochetOr Something Similar

designer crochet tie Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

FarFetch shows a men’s tie by Balmain that looks to be crochet.

balmain crochet 400x400 Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

House of Balmain για Άνοιξη Καλοκαίρι 2013 συλλογή είχε μερικά καταπληκτικά κομμάτια. Από την προσεκτικότερη εξέταση, Δεν νομίζω ότι είναι πραγματικά κροσέ, αλλά μοιάζουν σαν να είναι, και εγώ έτσι αγαπώ την έμπνευση!

balmain fashion 400x600 Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

Εδώ είναι ένα άλλο παράδειγμα from that same collection.

balmain crochet 400x460 Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

The same is true of this 2008 Balmain top

vintage balmain lace dress 400x225 Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

And even this vintage 1966 Balmain dress

Other Beautiful Balmain Designs

Pierre Balmain vintage gown Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

Έχω ανάμικτα συναισθήματα για αυτό εκλεκτής ποιότητας Balmain φόρεμα αλλά είναι σίγουρα eyecatching.

1970 pierre balmain Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

1970s Balmain νυφικό

celebrity balmain dress Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain

Kristin Davis σε vintage Balmain


Φαίνεται λοιπόν ότι αυτή η μάρκα θέλει ένα στυλ που μιμείται βελονάκι, αλλά δεν είναι βελονάκι, από ό, τι μπορώ να πω, παρόλο που συχνά παίρνει λανθασμένα αποκαλείται βελονάκι σε απευθείας σύνδεση εκθέσεις μόδας. Σκέψεις?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Designer Crochet Project: Pierre Balmain
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