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In the past I have written about Studio Κλίμακα, a San Francisco based organization that works with artisans in Brazil who use crochet to upcycle pop αλουμινίου καρτέλες σε όμορφες τσάντες. Τώρα έχω το δικό μου Escama τσάντα συμπλέκτη.

crochet pop top clutch bag My Escama Pop Top Crochet Bag

The pop top crochet bag that I got is the Chica Rosa Mini Clutch. Like all of Escama Studio’s products, it is made with 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum can tabs. This one is made with over 200 από αυτά. It is fully lined and zips shut. This bag comes in black, ασήμι, λευκό, μπαμπού, chocolate, olive and red as well as in the teal color that I chose.

pop tab crochet clutch bag My Escama Pop Top Crochet Bag

Each bag comes with a tag on it that tells the buyer which artisan made the bag. You can the go on the Escama Studio website to see the artisan’s bio, a way of helping the buyer feel connected to the process of Fair Trade πλέκω.

escama studio crochet bag My Escama Pop Top Crochet Bag

It’s sturdy. It’s beautiful. Είναι το μοναδικό. I’m loving it. It’s useful for every day stuff but actually I may use it to store my crochet hooks inside of a bigger bag (like my Jordana Paige bag, για παράδειγμα).

If you like this bag, you might be interested to know that Escama Studio is currently running a promotion on the Chica Rosa Mini Clutch. When you buy two, you can get a third one for free. Enter FREECHICA at checkout to get the deal; expires 12/25/12.

Επιπλέον, my readers are being offered a friends and family discount this week. You can get $25 off of any purchase over $100, just enter the discount code LASTSALE at check out. Expires 12/19/12.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Escama Pop Top Crochet Bag
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