Dolce and Gabbana For Kids

Dolce and Gabbana, the fashion designers that have a surprising amount of crochet in their collections, has debuted a new line of clothing for kids. I’m not quite sure why a five-year-old needs a D&G label but what I really wanted to know was if there was any crochet in this new kids collection.

It’s so tough for me to tell just by photos, but I think I see a little bit of D&G crochet, starting with what look to be raffia crochet hats for boys:

dolce gabbana kids1 Dolce and Gabbana For Kids

dolce and gabbana kids Dolce and Gabbana For Kids

And then I swear these little shoes look like crochet to me:

dolce gabbana baby Dolce and Gabbana For Kids

What do you think – are these crochet? If not, they’re totally ripe for some crochet copycatting! Actually, regardless of what you might think about young kids wearing designer labels, there are some super cute designs here definitely worth a look for inspiration.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Dolce and Gabbana For Kids

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