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Mother Tree είναι ένα βελονάκι έργο τέχνης που πήρε χρόνια για να σχηματιστούν και συνεχίζει να αυξάνεται σε αυτή την ημέρα ως μια διαδραστική συνεργατική έργο τέχνης. It is the brain child of paper sculpture artist Helen Hiebert. The project collects crochet chains from people all around the world to add to the piece. I love this because it celebrates the most basic of crochet stitches, showing the variations available to crocheters even with just this simple stitch, and of course it also demonstrates the collaborative opportunities in crochet. This short documentary video explains it all:

The crochet art exhibit was recently on display at Austin Peay State University where Helen Hiebert gave a lecture and conducted some workshops. The exhibit continues to tour.

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