Erik Hansen Crochets for ADHD … And Profits

Erik Hansen is the head of a business called FireHouse. He’s also a young guy who crochets in part because it helps him deal with his ADHD.

Crochet for ADHD

I’ve done extensive research into crocheting for health benefits. I’ll be honest I haven’t found a lot of information about crocheting for ADHD. In fact, in researching my book on this topic, I really wanted to include a chapter on crochet for the autism spectrum (ADHD is at one end of that spectrum) but I couldn’t find enough information or people doing it to create a full chapter. So I’m really excited to see this news about Erik Hansen because it confirms what I thought, which is that crochet can be a way to focus the mind when you have a condition like ADD/ ADHD.

Erik Hansen Crochets

Janice Kurbjun of Summit Daily recently wrote a profile of this young guy through which I learned the following:

  • Erik Hansen started a business with a trademark product of crochet beanies, popular with skiers which makes sense since he’s based in Colorado.
  • He’s been crocheting for about ten years. He learned from a friend.
  • Hansen also knits.
  • He believes that crochet helps him to disconnect mind from body. His hyperactive mind can focus and tune into rapid crochet work to help him cope productively with ADHD.
  • Hansen has crocheted somewhere around 1000 hats, making more than 300 in the past year alone.
  • He attended University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and got a degree in entrepreneurship and management.


Erik Hansen grew up in an old firehouse, hence the name of the company. FireHouse employs two other crocheters. In addition to that, Hansen’s grandmother produces a line of “grandma quality” hats made with thinner year and more detailed stitchwork. FireHouse also has three other guys involved on the business end: partner Ian Winters, marketing guy Tim Bremer and creative designer Steve Cummings.

Hansen describes the line on LinkedIn:

“Through consistent quality standards and continual progressive benchmarks, personable, creative, and unique products, FireHouse, LLC strives to redefine what people see as a means to express themselves through their choice of habiliment.”

And on Facebook:

Motivated by the unique and incredible lifestyle that surrounds all outdoor enthusiasts, FireHouse products are handmade pieces of “wearable artwork.”

FireHouse is expanding its product line this year; in the fall the company will begin producing outwear.

Custom Knit and Crochet Hats

The hats that you can get from FireHouse are custom crocheted hats. You pick a style of hat, select your main color and accent colors and then place your order.

For example, here’s the Pommed Ear Flap Style:

crochet beanie firehouse Erik Hansen Crochets for ADHD ... And Profits

And here’s the Grandma Quality Pony Tail Release Style (this one looks knit to me, right?):

knit hat Erik Hansen Crochets for ADHD ... And Profits

Do you believe that crochet can be healing for ADHD?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Erik Hansen Crochets for ADHD ... And Profits

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