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The Ladies Fancywork κοινωνία είναι μια πολύ γνωστή ομάδα yarnbombing που έχει εδώ και χρόνια τώρα. They recently unveiled a new crochet art piece for a craft/ clothing store in Colorado (the pink deer shown above) and are preparing works for Artopia so I thought it was a good time to feature them in my Monday crochet artist spotlight.

Who is Ladies Fancywork Society?

Ο Κυρίες Fancywork Κοινωνία is a yarnbombing group that I personally first learned about when I read the Yarnbombing βιβλίο, οποίες εμφανίστηκαν σε. They started in true yarnbomb fashion as an underground group of guerilla crochet artists spreading beauty with yarnbombs around their Denver, Colorado home. Today this group of ladies is a slightly more formal art collective doing public art installations although they still do underground yarnbombing in the tradition of their old style.

The Ladies

According to the website, the five ladies of the Ladies Fancywork Society are:

  1. Lady Edie who owns a σκάφος / κατάστημα νήματα in Amsterdam
  2. Lady Esther of Craftivore
  3. Lady Jeanne Lois
  4. Lady Lucille
  5. Lady Maxine, a Denver boutique owner and the only one in the group originally from Denver

Awesome Crochet Art Examples

crocheting art Yarnbombing Group Art by Ladies Fancywork Society

Denver Art Museum Sculpture Yarnbomb

crochet ball and chain sculpture Yarnbombing Group Art by Ladies Fancywork Society

Crochet Ball and Chain Sculpture

yarnbomb crochet Yarnbombing Group Art by Ladies Fancywork Society

Amsterdam Bridge Yarnbomb (Φωτογραφίες μέσω Facebook)

ladies fancywork society yarnbomb Yarnbombing Group Art by Ladies Fancywork Society

This is one of the LFS images I’ve seen posted most often, bringing bright color to an urban scene.

crochet arts Yarnbombing Group Art by Ladies Fancywork Society

Basic yarnbomb

Most Recent Crochet Work

As mentioned before, the Ladies Fancywork Society just recently unveiled a crochet art piece for a Colorado craft and clothing store. Fancy Tiger / Buffalo Exchange is a great place for crafty people so the crochet pink deer that the ladies made is right at home. It spans about eight feet from one antler end to the other.

Is this a type of yarnbombing you like or dislike?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Yarnbombing Group Art by Ladies Fancywork Society
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