Crazy Ανατριχιαστικός υπέροχο πλέκω στο Music Video

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crochet art1 Crazy Creepy Wonderful Crochet in Music Video

There is something terrifically creepy about the crochet-covered people in this thrift store homage music video by San Francisco music duo Seventeen Evergreen. Τα μάτια μου δεν μπορούσαν να στραφούν μακριά από τη σκηνή που μοιάζει με ταρίχευση στην βελονάκι. Delightful.

crochet1 Crazy Creepy Wonderful Crochet in Music Video

I watched it twiceonce in its small size when I found it via Tales of a Techno-hooker and then again by double clicking on it and watching it in full size. I totally encourage you to watch it in full size to get the full amazingness of the crochet creations.

Seventeen EvergreenPolarity Song

Ο Seventeen Evergreen website explains that the video, directed by Terri Timely, is based on the concept ofwoollen terrorist warfare amidst everyday thrift shop mundanity”. I can see that.

It looks like the artist for the knit and crochet work is Sarah Applebaum. I wasn’t familiar with this artist before now but a quick Google image search tells me that I need to learn more so I’ll be researching her and writing up what I find for Monday’s crochet artist profile post next week. Εν τω μεταξύ, enjoy the video!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crazy Creepy Wonderful Crochet in Music Video
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  1. [...] week I fell in love with the crochet-filled Seventeen Evergreen music video for the song Polarity. I did some brief research then into who created the crochet for that video [...]

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