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crochet book1 Granny Square Love Book Review

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I am always excited when Tuesday rolls around because it means that I get to review another crochet book. I’m especially excited this week, though, because not only am I reviewing an awesome new crochet book but I’m doing so as part of the book’s blog tour and I’m also able to offer a giveaway copy of the book. Happy Tuesday!

Granny Square Love by Sarah London

Granny Square Love is the brand new crochet book by crochet designer Sarah London. The book’s subtitle: “A New Twist on a Crochet Classic for your Home” really helps define what this book is all about. I have been in love with granny squares lately myself but don’t enjoy the traditional form of making a bunch of small multi-colored squares to join together. After all, if you know me, I’m not a fan of frequent color changes or joining motifs! I do love large granny squares, though (did you see my large granny blanket?) and I love interesting twists on the classic granny so it was a given that I would fall in love with this book from the first time I heard about it. Don’t worry, though, there are also lots of options for those of you who do enjoy bold color changes and motifs.

Who this Crochet Book is For

This crochet book isn’t limited to people with a certain skill level. We all know that the granny square is a classic and easy crochet item that you can learn quickly even as a beginner crocheter. Combined with basic intro tips in the book, this makes it a good book for a new crocheter. (Yes, if you’re looking for a holiday gift for a non-crocheter who might want to crochet, it’s a safe bet!) But it also has some cool design ideas, some fun granny twists and some other unique stuff that will make the crochet patterns interesting to advanced crocheters. If you like crochet and you like granny squares and you are looking for something new and bold to crochet for the home then this book is worth checking out. That home part is a point worth reiterating – it’s a set of crochet patterns for the home so it’s not for people looking for clothing designs, although some could certainly be adapted into clothing with a little bit of creativity!

Format of this Crochet Book

I like the format of this crochet book because it’s broken up into easy-to-digest chapters that each feature 4 – 6 crochet patterns for a specific part of the home.

The book does begin with the classic crochet pattern book intro chapter. It starts with a heartfelt and lovely introduction from Sarah about why she fell in love with granny squares. Then it gets into the information on materials, basic stitches, etc. This section includes easy to follow drawings for people who need a refresher on this part. And one fun twist is that it includes some little tips from Sarah, like she lets us know that she always saves the yarn ball band and a bit of the yarn from a project to have an easy record of what she’s worked on and with. There’s an appropriate specific section on making granny squares and a section on reading charts and patterns. Really nice intro for beginners.

Then we get into the crochet patterns, which are divided into products for the living room, kitchen, dining, room, bedroom and the bathroom and laundry. Each chapter starts with a description of what you’ll find in the chapter and why it’s awesome. Each pattern includes:

  • Item Name. A simple name that tells you exactly what you’re making, like “square cushion”. I appreciate this because it means you can easily pick what you want to make from the table of contents.
  • Item description. A fun few sentences explaining what you’re making and how to put some twists on it to make it cool.
  • Yarn required. We’re told generally what yarn would work (example: worsted yarn in three colors) as well as specifically what yarn was used in each product featured in the pattern’s photos.
  • Crochet hook and other notions needed.
  • Finished product measurements. I did notice that there was no gauge information in the patterns, which I thought was interesting. Maybe it’s not so necessary when working a granny? To be honest, I’m not sure since I rarely check gauge when working. (I know, I know …)
  • Multiple photos.
  • Row by row instructions. Easy to follow, very clear, printed in a manner that’s easy on the eyes.
  • Finishing instructions.
  • Stitch pattern diagram.
  • Sarah’s color commentary. This is a great addition to the book. Sarah uses a casual but instructive voice to explain her color choices and make other color suggestions.
The book wraps up with some helpful crochet information including crochet hook conversions, tips for substituting yarn and a book index.

My Favorites from this Crochet Book

It’s tough for me to choose favorites from this book, but if I had to pick my top three, I’d go with:

1. Ottoman Slipcover

crochet ottoman Granny Square Love Book Review

2. Grocer’s Tote

crochet tote Granny Square Love Book Review

3. Bold Bedroom Cushion

crochet pillow Granny Square Love Book Review

What I Love About This Book

My very favorite thing about this crochet book is the great creative patterns. But a close second is the photography in this book. Amazing bold colors are well-depicted throughout the book and there are some cute styling ideas. Even some of the small photos, like the step-by-step photos at the beginning on how to make a granny square, have neat backgrounds that make the book more fun.

Get the Book at a Discount Now

For the duration of the book tour only you can take advantage of a special discounted price on Sarah London’s new book:

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Or take your chances on trying to win your free copy from my giveaway below …

Follow The Rest of This Blog Tour

You can learn a lot more about this great crochet book by following the rest of the blog tour. It started yesterday on Sarah’s own blog and continues on through October 8th. The tour should include more giveaways, Q&As and other good stuff and features some of my personal favorite crochet blogs:

You can also get blog tour updates on Twitter by following publisher F+W Crafts (@fwcrafts) and author @sarah_london.

Granny Square Love Giveaway!

You can easily enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. The winner will receive one copy of this great crochet book. Due to shipping costs, entries are limited to U.S. addresses only. This giveaway will remain open until Saturday, October 1st at midnight EST and I will announce the winner on the blog on Monday, October 3. Good luck!

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