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This week’s crochet artist is Nathan Vincent, a man who explores issues of gender in society with his large scale crochet sculptures. I first learned about Vincent’s work from a news article about a multi-artist fiber arts show at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Vincent had a piece in the show called Locker Room in which he replicated an entire men’s locker room using knitting and crochet, turning what should be “male” objects (like benches and urinals) into soft and fuzzy objects that have a feminine feel – thus exploring the issue of gender. After I started doing some more research I discovered than Vincent is a fairly well known male crochet artist.

More about crochet artist Nathan Vincent

Nathan Vincent was a homeschooled pastor’s son who grew up in the Midwest. He got his college art education in California and then New York, developing his keen interest in using the typically feminine art of crochet to express his concerns about (and to challenge) the stereotypes of gender in society. He has been featured on Road Trip Nation and The Martha Stewart show and has had numerous exhibitions of his work in galleries throughout the nation.

Vincent explains on this site how growing up he always felt like he was trying to live up to the super masculine ideals of the adult men in his life and goes on to say that:

“By crocheting the objects that are linked to these masculine ideas I am breaking down the barrier of traditional gender permissions. The objects are no longer rough and manly, but soft and inviting. They evoke the feminine. The non-traditional sculpting process of crochet allows me to draw attention to the challenges of defining gender identities.”

Examples of Vincent’s crochet art

splash 500x332 Male Crochet Artist Nathan Vincent

Locker Room







This Bellevue Arts Museum show is still up for another two weeks and incidentally was created with yarn donated by Lion Brand.

KvBPP9g4 Male Crochet Artist Nathan Vincent








GMLZIWIs1 500x363 Male Crochet Artist Nathan Vincent

jLRecNDW 500x331 Male Crochet Artist Nathan Vincent

OCkiCeYP 500x377 Male Crochet Artist Nathan Vincent

xKhtisdb Male Crochet Artist Nathan Vincent

Nathan Vincent around the web

What are your thoughts on the gender-questioning crochet art of Nathan Vincent?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Male Crochet Artist Nathan Vincent

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