25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

dbga 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

Cro-tatting – learn more

Continuing on with the series, here is a list of 25 crochet techniques to learn to help jumpstart your crochet creativity. Some of them are specific techniques for traditional crochet and others are variations on traditional crochet. I’ve included seom information on getting started with learning each of these things. Print out the list, add to it and challenge yourself to learn something new with crochet all of the time!

1. Crochet in the round

Do you learn better from words and still photos than video? You can find a tutorial for how to crochet in the round at About.com Crochet. There is another good one online by Andrew Burton.

Many people prefer to use the magic ring to start their in-the-round project. CraftyStylish’s tutorial for working in the round starts with the magic ring.

2. Crochet in front loop only and / or back loop only

crochet back loop only 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

I like the tutorial from Stitch Diva that shows the anatomy of crochet stitch and explains where to put the hook to crochet in either the front or back loop only. The image above is her photo of working in the back loop only.

3. Working with two colors at once

The best resource for getting started is the WonderHowTo page that shows a variety of different variations of two color crochet including how to crochet using two threads at once.

4. Making crochet motifs

granny square crochet 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

The most common crochet motif is the granny square so you can always start there but there are tons and tons of other motifs out there. Crochet Cabana is a good starting point for the granny square lesson.

5. Joining squares to create an afghan

There are actually many different options available for joining crochet squares. Crochet Cabana is once again a top reference here. She shows how to join using single crochet, slip stitch, crab stitch, whipstitch, mattress stitch and more. Another option is to join as you go:

6. Broomstick lace crochet

how to crochet broomstick lace 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

CrochetSpot has a clear tutorial for how to crochet broomstick lace. Or go with a CrochetGeek video instead:

7. Filet crochet

8. Hairpin lace crochet

hairpin lace crochet 400x299 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

The most popular hairpin lace tutorials seem to be the ones that are offered by By Number 19 and StitchDiva. The image above comes from Crochetology which also shares some information on how to do hairpin lace crochet.

9. Irish lace

There is a whole body of work using Irish lace crochet so the best thing to do here is probably get a book. But this video shows the basics of what it’s about.

10. Bead crochet and / or wire crochet for jewelry making

Get started over at Crochet Spot where you’ll find a tutorial for how to single crochet with beads as well as how to double crochet with beads. Or check out this video for crocheting jewelry with beads and wire:

11. Cro-tat

The image at the top of this post is from a cro-tatting tutorial. Or check out this video for basic cro-tat stitching:

12. Double-ended hook crochet (Cro-hooking)

13. Aran crochet (or making crochet cables)

aran crochet pattern 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

The photo above is of the Crochet Aran Afghan Pattern, a free pattern from Red Heart. You can learn basic crochet cables from Woolcrafting. Once you get started there are a lot of different options with cables. You can look for tutorials or just find cable-rich crochet patterns to practice.

14. Tunisian crochet

tunisian crochet 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

Learn the basic Tunisian Crochet stitch over at Crocheting the Day Away. From there you can move on to more advanced tutorials on the site like The Crossed Stitch and The Bias Stitch in Tunisian crochet.

15. Mosaic crochet

tapestry crochet clocks 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

Mosaic crochet and tapestry crochet offer opportunities to learn to create patterns with color in crochet. The master of mosaic crochet is Lily Chin and the master of tapestry crochet is Carol Ventura (who designed the clocks shown above).

16. Overlay crochet

overlay crochet 400x307 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

The image above is an overlay crochet mandala by DanielasNeedleart. You can actually learn the basics of overlay crochet from eHow.

17. Amigurumi

crochet crab 400x400 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

Amigurumi is so popular right now that the places to learn are absolutely endless. Two of my favorite amigurumi makers with great instructions online are Planet June and FreshStitches. Tipper the Tiny Crab shown above is a FreshStitches amigurumi pattern.

18. Bavarian Crochet

wooleater crochet pattern 400x300 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

The most popular example of Bavarian Crochet right now is the WoolEater blanket pattern by Sarah London, shown above.

19. Bruges Lace

20. Freeform crochet

freeform crochet 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

Freeform crochet is all about crocheting without any rules so it seems contradictory to have tutorials for it. Nevertheless, there are definitely places where you can get some great inspiration for getting started with freeform crochet. In 2011 the CLF had a Freeform CAL and you can follow the steps in that to get started! Or check out the short-and-sweet freeform tutorial from Renate Kirkpatrick.

21. Catherine’s Wheel stitching

22. Felting

Felting means that you take your crochet work and agitate it by washing it to get that softened look. It only works with certain types of yarn. Some tips on felting crochet can be found at:

23. Hyperbolic crochet

hyperbolic crochet art 400x319 25 Crochet Techniques to Learn

Hyperbolic Crochet From Ingrid Zambrano

There is a lot of cool math-based crochet out there, the most well-known of which is hyperbolic crochet. Learn how to do it from this math-based tutorial or get the basics from My @ventures.

24. Finger crochet!

Who needs hooks?

25. A craft for your yarn – such as spinning or dyeing

Check out my post on 3 Key Books for People Interested in Yarn Dyeing.

What other techniques would you add to this list of things to try?

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