Sozialarbeiter nimmt das Interesse an Häkeln rettete mein Leben

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A little while ago I did a giveaway of my book Häkeln rettete mein Leben. The entry required doing a post about your interest in the book and one of the great responses come from One of a Kindness who used crochet to deal with stress when working as a social worker.

OOAK Excerpt

Here’s a little of what was said in that post:

I was working as a Social Worker in an HIV/AIDS clinic, so everyday was an overwhelming mess of paperwork & red tape just trying to make sure my clients were able to get what they needed to stay healthy. Having something, however small, completely within my control & that I could reliably make progress on each day was a welcome addition to my life.

Lesen Sie den vollständigen Beitrag hier.

Crochet For Caregivers

This post by OOAK highlights something that I think is really important, which is that caregivers of all types (professional or loved ones caring for others) need to always do what is necessary to make sure that they are at their own healthiest. This is the only way we can be sane enough and strong enough to help others. I believe crochet is one great way to take time for yourself, rejuvenate your energy levels, keep your self-esteem up and improve your quality of life so that you can help others.

Read more about crochet for caregivers.

Other Professionals Supporting Crochet Saved My Life

It really makes me happy when this book gets attention and support from professionals including social workers, doctors, therapists and teachers. Ich habe eine Menge Arbeit in die Forschung, um sicherzustellen, dass dieses Buch hilfreich in vielen verschiedenen Einstellungen und es ist schön zu sehen, andere genießen, dass.

Erfahren Sie mehr über andere Fachkräfte, die das Buch empfohlen.

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