15 Beautiful Free Crochet Dress Patterns for Women

People often ask me about the crochet dresses that I make for myself. I actually don’t work from patterns most of the time and my dresses are all patternless designs. That doesn’t work for everyone, though, so I thought I’d do a roundup of some of the best crochet dress patterns available. This week’s edition is all free crochet patterns and next week I’ll follow up with patterns that are worth paying to get.

1. Openwork Crochet Dress Pattern

I love Kristen TenDyke’s crochet dress, designed to be worn over something since it’s openwork in design. It’s bulky and textured and cool-looking! Free pattern via Classic Elite Yarns. Photo by Carrie Bostick Hoge.

2. Classic White Crochet Dress

This DROPS dress is lovely with a classic, sophisticated sense of style. Note: the pattern is in British English.

3. Yellow Beach Cover Up Dress

This free crochet pattern from Stitch Nation is by Ann Regis. It’s designed to be worn over a slip as a summer style.

4. Neon Mesh Crochet Dress

Here’s another example of an openwork dress that can be worn over another dress. I like this style because it is easy to create even with beginner crochet skills. This free pattern is from Red Heart.

5. Summer Tunic Dress

This crochet dress pattern from Knits for Kids can be worn as a tunic with leggings or shorts or made longer to wear as a dress.

6. Simply Soft Doris Chan Dress

This Doris Chan crochet dress, pattern available free through Michaels, is made using Caron Simply Soft, an affordable soft yarn

7. Sexy Night Out Crochet Dress

Go daring with this crochet dress pattern from Hook, Yarn and Needles. You could also wear it over a top or slip for a more sophisticated look.

8. Tammy’s Slip Dress

This crochet dress by Tammy Hildebrand is designed to be a lingerie pattern but with the popularity of “innerwear as outerwear” it could be styled with a jacket and tights to be a great dress to wear out on the town.

9. Textured Crochet Dress

I think it’d be tough to pull off wearing this tweed crochet dress designed by Treva F. McCain since it’s bulky but I love the texture. It’s worked with Caron’s Simply Soft (same as Doris Chan’s) and the crochet pattern is available free through Caron.

10. Chanel Style Crochet Dress

I adore this designer-inspired crochet dress. The crochet pattern is available in several languages and is free through Ravelry.

11. Red Cotton Crochet Dress

I love the design on this crochet dress that’s worked with red cotton. It can be worked in the round or made in two pieces, front and back. Free Ravelry Download. The pattern is an English translation of a Russian crochet pattern.

12. A-Line Crochet Dress Pattern

This free crochet dress pattern comes from A Craft A Day Keeps Boredom Away. I think this is one of the most practical designs in this roundup.

13. Italian Crochet Dress

The pattern for this super cute crochet dress is written in Italian but also has an English translation. This crochet dress is worked in pieces and stitched together at the end.

14. Sophisticated Crochet Dress

One of my favorite free crochet dress patterns is this one, called Nightfall, which was designed by Paula Bennett and is available through the Talking Crochet newsletter archives from Crochet World

15. Cool Weather Crochet Dress

The long sleeves and cozy look make this crochet dress a great option for fall and winter. It’s a DROPS design.

What questions do you have about crocheting dresses?

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  1. I love these! The link for #5 isn’t working :(

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  5. number 3 is not working why i would like that one thanks vicky

  6. VictoriaKConery You can find it if you search for the cached version. Just enter the link into a Google search and then choose “cached” and it should be there.

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  8. Hey why can I not get #6?help love them all thanks…

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