TAFA Rabatt für meine Leser: Vermarkten Ihre Arbeit Crochet!

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crochet discount tafa TAFA Discount for My Readers: Market Your Crochet Work!

Back in March I told you all about The Textile and Fiber Art List (DELAYS). Well I am thrilled to say that this great resource for marketing your work would love to have more crocheters involved in what they are doing and so they are offering a 25% Ermäßigung der Mitgliedschaft an die Leser dieses Blogs!!

What is TAFA?

DELAYS is a professional organization designed to help build and strengthen businesses within the fiber arts community. Entrepreneurs in any area of the fiber arts can come together to celebrate the traditions of the past while promoting contemporary use of textiles in art. They are very welcoming to crocheters and want to help us promote and celebrate our craft. (But if you do other fiber arts, you’re totally welcome as welljust wanted to point out that they’re loving crochet). It’s designed for people who work in the fiber arts (so if you sell your crochet on Etsy, have a booth at a local craft fair, sell patterns via Ravelry, usw., then it’s something that could work for you.

What do you get from a membership?

TAFA is offering my blog readers 25% off of the one-time membership fee, which normally costs $75. I’ll reiteratethis is a one-time fee so you don’t have to pay a bunch of renewal costs. You use your discount now and you get to become a memberperiod.

Here is what you get from being a TAFA member:

  • You will be able to showcase your fiber arts business in the illustrated database that is the TAFA website. Ihre Arbeit wird von den Lesern, die auf die Website kommen, betrachtet werden speziell für Faserkunst aussehen. Dazu gehören Blogger wollen, Artikel zu schreiben, Großhändler suchen, um Produkte zu kaufen, usw.. Sie erhöhen den Markt für Ihre Kunstfaser.
  • Sie verbinden eine Gemeinschaft von Gleichgesinnten, die über die gleichen Dinge, die Sie als Inhaber eines Unternehmens Faserkunst. Es ist immer toll, Teil einer Gemeinschaft zu sein stütz! Wenn Sie zu wählen, Sie können in Brainstorming teilnehmen, Marketing-Ideen und Networking miteinander. Es gibt auch kleinere Gemeinden im TAFA Community, wie der TAFA Team auf Etsy und der Mitglieder-Facebook-Gruppe. Und die Website wird die Einleitung Foren in naher Zukunft.
  • Sie lernen die Arbeit anderer Künstler zu unterstützen Faser. Zunächst, you can support them as you want to through the networking opportunities of being part of this community. But just signing up to be a member means that your fees support TAFA and that’s supporting other fiber artists.

TAFA is right for you if

  • You are a crocheter or other fiber artist selling your work, especially in an online setting.
  • You have a fairly well-developed online presence and good photography of your work.
  • You want to improve your business skills, network with a fiber arts community and market yourself more.
Want to see what some TAFA crochet member profiles look like? Überprüfen Renate Kirkpatrick, Design Talented One und Papaver Vert.

How to get the discount

My readers are offered a discount of 25% off of membership so the total membership fee will be $56.25. Here’s what you need to do to get the deal:

  • Leave a comment here on the blog saying you want the deal.
  • Besuchen Sie die TAFA List membership page.
  • Use the proper link to submit an application to become a member. In your email, make sure that you say that you want the Crochet Concupiscence discount!
  • Once you are approved you will pay your fee online. You will pay the full $75 but will be refunded back the 25% Rabatt.

This deal is active right now. It expires at midnight PST on Sunday June 24, 2012.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 TAFA Discount for My Readers: Market Your Crochet Work!
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You're in, Sharon! Your scarves are gorgeous and we're happy to have you!


I'm looking forward to having both of you as TAFA members! I've received your applications and approved them, so now I hope to see the two of you up on the site! It's fascinating to see how each person interprets needles and thread in such different ways. It makes the world a wonderful, kreativ, and fun place to be!

CrochetBlogger Moderator

@rayela Sommer - I'm so glad that this has encouraged some awesome new members to sign up for the site!


Dank Kathryn, for this oportunity, I shall spend the money now, while I still have some, for the benefits that will flow from networking and joining TAFA which I have meant to do for some time. I really need to push myself more online, ( as well as offline, been plagued by fatigue for some time now).

Think I need to get a desktop computer too, as I push my laptop to the extreme ! hehe

Must be the right 'time' to do this, the TAFA post on facebook was top of the page when I click FB open just now ! Follow where I am led ! I have a sadly neglected blog at http://www.artnomadix-meg.blogspot.com with one recent post of some of my crochet work. And liking the look of what I've seen so far in your blog, I'll peruse the rest, some time in the near future.

CrochetBlogger Moderator

@MeggaYarnz Thanks MeggaYarnz! I'm excited to check out your blog. It may feel neglected to you but it's got fun archived stuff that's new for me to look at!

I'm glad that this TAFA deal offered you the opportunity to push yourself a little bit more online. It's always good to honor your fatigue and rest as needed but also push yourself when you can - especially creatively!!


I have been meaning to join TAFA for some time, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Heard about the Crochet Concupiscence promotion via FB. Sending in the application now!


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