Wie man ein rotes Kleid mit Boho Crochet Accessorize

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Oberhalb können Sie meine Boho roten Kleid ohne Zubehör siehe. Ich liebe dieses Kleid, aber es stellt einige Herausforderungen, wenn ich will, es zu tragen. Zunächst, red is a hard color to pair with lots of other items and since I’m always layering here that can be a difficult thing. You’ll see a lot of black crochet here because of that although I’ve also tried to show some other color ideas. Zweite, the length of this skirt makes it tough to pull off with my short stature. I have to be careful to accessorize in a way that minimizes, rather than emphasizes, how tiny I am. I do this in part by using accessories to bring my waistline up higher than it actually is. This is also a trick that I implement to solve the third, and probably biggest, Herausforderung, which is that the many layers of the boho style of this dress make it a bulky item to wear and that can quickly go from loose-and-carefree to just looking chunky. I try to slim it with accessories as much as possible. So, here are my style ideas:

crochet cape How to Accessorize a Boho Red Dress with Crochet

I went for drama here by using a black spiderweb crochet cape as the core accessory. It’s pinned shut with a big feathery flower clip. I’ve used my favorite black corset to slim the dress and reduce some of that boho vice. Black heels finish off this look.

crochet necklace with red dress How to Accessorize a Boho Red Dress with Crochet

Here I embraced the boho look a bit more. I didn’t add anything to the waist of the dress, aber versucht, eine schlank machende Wirkung mit einer Einbaujeansjacke erstellen. The crochet here is my lovely multi-colored thread necklace made with Bre-Aly Threads. And the only other accessory is a pair of butterfly earrings that I adore. (Fun fact, those earrings as well as the corset in the first style photo were both purchased on a trip to Buenos Aires.)

style ideas How to Accessorize a Boho Red Dress with Crochet

Ich feiere das Potenzial für Funkiness im Kleid mit diesem Blick. Ich schmetterte es mit meinem Lieblings lila Kirschen Gürtel und mein lila Stiefel abgestimmt, um das Aussehen. Ich habe eine häkeln Schal als Motorhaube, Wahl einer pink / lila / grauen Schal, die etwas angepasst Die Färbung in der Band. Ich habe eine tan Cordjacke. Dies könnte leicht in den meisten Jahreszeiten hier in San Francisco getragen werden, so ist es sowohl funktionale als auch, welche persönlichen Stil.

Übrigens, I previously wore this same dress with a bold pink crochet scarf tied as a cowl.

tan crochet shrug How to Accessorize a Boho Red Dress with Crochet

I like the way that tan and red look together. I’ve worn this Fischer Wolle Crochet Shrug with a red outfit here before, tatsächlich. What I did with this look was to add a leather braided belt high up on the waist, adorn myself with a beautiful large shell necklace that my sister gave me awhile back, and top it off with my brown studded short boots. I’m not wearing tights here but if it was chilly out then I’d wear brown patterned fishnets as well.

how to match crochet hat to red dress How to Accessorize a Boho Red Dress with Crochet

I went very simple for this final look. I wore a black crochet hat with a flower on it but tilted it far off center for a bit of a Parisian look. I went with my black heels although i could have worn black flats just as easily. And I finished it off with my favorite black necklace. Interestingly enough, that necklace is also from that same Buenos Aires trip. That wasn’t done intentionally!

How would you use crochet accessories to style this red dress?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 How to Accessorize a Boho Red Dress with Crochet
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Who knew a boho dress was so versatile! (Not me.) I appreciate the tips for faking height, er, Ich meine,, minimizing shortness.

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@undergroundcrafter Dank :) I'm a hair under 4'11" so I've learned a lot of tricks over the years.

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