Brücke und darüber hinaus zusammen bekommt Hooked Part One

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hookedtogether2 500x84 Bridge and Beyond Gets Hooked Together Part One

Zusammen Hooked is my huge crochet blog project, which I’ve explained in detail here. I go through a blog’s blogroll and check out all of the blogs they read. Then I report back here, sharing their links to crochet, craft and other blogs. Schließlich, I’m going to put all of this together into a big display so that we can all see how the crochet community is connected within itself and to the larger craft community.

This week is a really special week for this project because next up on the list is the blog for Brücke und darüber hinaus. This organization collects knit and crochet donations for homeless people in Ohio including people on the streets as well as women and children in domestic violence shelters. In the blog’s sidebar, they link to the blogs of those who donated so everyone I’m checking out in this edition of Hooked Together is someone who uses their handcrafting to give to others. Wunderbar! This is also a blogspot blog so it has a “Blogs, die ich folgen” page and I’m going to be checking that out for Hooked Together as a part two post next week.

Bridge and Beyond is run by Sandy who is @sandycrochet on Twitter and Sandy Mader Holladay on Facebook. Ihr persönlicher Blog ist schlau Sandy Space.


Diese Blogs sind auf der Blogroll aber sie sind auch bereits in der großen Liste von Blogs, die ich bereits gelesen. Ehrfürchtig.

  • Butternut Street. For some reason I don’t mention this blog a lot but I enjoy the posts by the crocheter and quilter who writes it.
  • The Crooked Yarn. This is the new name of the great blog Every Day Crochet.
  • Crochet Cabana. Now this was a fun find because I read Crochet Cabana’s charity crochet blogging posts all of the time but didn’t know that she had this other blog: Crochet Cabana’s Crafty Corral.

New-to-Me Crochet Blogs

  • Crochet Princess. I swear I’ve actually visited this crochet blog before but I can’t find it in my reader or in my Hooked Together posts so I don’t know what the deal is. Jedenfalls, it’s a crocheter’s journey and personal life blog.
  • Big Hearts, Busy Hands. A crocheter who does charity work (like giving to Bridge and Beyond) shares what she’s making.
  • Haken Accion. A Spanish crochet blog. Adore es!
  • Danette’s Charity Crafting. She especially loves crocheting for babies and shows that work off here.
  • Ghost Garn Tales. Photo-rich blog of crochet work.
  • Karen’s Crocheted Garden of Colors. Great colorful crochet work is shown off on this blog. Spaß.
  • The Only Nikki. Personal blog featuring some crochet work.
  • My Crochet World Etc. Short and sweet life posts from a crocheter.
  • Yarn Yokel. Standort, nicht bloggen, with lots of downloadable crochet charts.

Multi-Craftual Blogs einschließlich Crochet

  • Dandelions and Clover. This multicraftual crocheter recently started blogging again after an absence so it’ll be fun to see what she does next.
  • Spinner Mom. She spins, sie strickt, she crochets and she blogs.

Nicht Crochet Blogs

Veraltet Blogs

Für die Zwecke der Haken Zusammen, ein Blog ist veraltet betrachtet, wenn sie nicht einen Beitrag in den letzten paar Monaten hatte.

  • Amy TinCan Random Craziness. Letzter Beitrag Juli.
  • Easy Crochet Blog. Letzter Beitrag Juni.
  • Lil Knit of This n That. Letzter Beitrag 2010.
  • Peggy and Jessi Crafting. Letzter Beitrag Juli.
  • SachaKay. Letzter Beitrag Mai.
  • Scarlet’s Yarn Barn. Letzter Beitrag März.
  • Cake and Angels. Letzter Beitrag 2009.

Was habe ich zu finden? Erste, there are lots of cool people donating stuff to Bridge and Beyond, which I think is awesome. Give them some kudos. Außer dass, I found some great new crochet blogs to add to my reader and enjoyed seeing what everyone’s working on!

Anmerkung: If you’re following along on my original list of Tier One blogs, you’ll see I jumped over Black Cat Crochet, Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Bobbin’s Nest Studio. It’s because they don’t have blogrolls so they don’t fit this particular project.

Auch, Hooked Together has recently been featured on some other blogs: Die ruhige Hand und Frische Stiche.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Bridge and Beyond Gets Hooked Together Part One
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