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Was tun Sie, um eine in-progress-Projekt häkeln mitnehmen? I tend to use tote bags. I used to take the crochet bags that I’d made myself but I don’t line those (haven’t learned how yet!) which resulted in some lost crochet hooks so I stopped doing that. I do have a great crochet hook organizer now that a friend made for me but if I take that then I still need something to carry my yarn in. Ich habe Art beäugte Dieses Garn Tasche, die über Amazon verkauft wird.

It’s actually called a Yarn Drum Coveting: Yarn Bag. It’s sold by ArtBin. It’s about 13tall and 12around so it holds several skeins of yarn at once. The yarn is protected from weather and spills and sticky stuff like that because it’s made with a textured PVC base. Ja, Ich weiß, – that means it’s not the most eco-friendly solution but if you use it for a long time and then repurpose it then it’s okay in my book.

It has a mesh pocket on the outside but it also has an accessory pouch for holding crochet hooks, yarn needles, usw.. One thing I think is great is that there are multiple strap options so you can carry it vertically or horizontally with the shoulder strap or you can use the handle. I like options!

What do you use to carry yarn with you on the go?

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