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Screen shot 2011 05 22 at 2.11.53 PM Interview with Crochet Artist Leslie Blackmon

Martha Stewart sheep, Foto von Miriam Rosenthal

Each Monday here on Crochet Concupiscence I do a profile of a crochet artist based on my review of their work as available online. At the end of May I did one of those profiles about crochet artist Leslie Blackmon’s whose work I really appreciated because of the fact that it’s colorful, fröhlich und enthält einen großen Sinn für Humor. I have since had the opportunity to interview her about her work and I get to share that interview with you now. Head to der ursprüngliche Beitrag und / oder ihre Website to see some great images of her work.

Anmerkung: In this interview the direct quotes from the artist are in italics. The non-italic portions are paraphrased from the interview for easier reading.

First we talked about Baa-America!, which was Blackmon’s recent solo show featuring her flock of crocheted sheep inspired by pop culture icons.

First let me tell you that your blog piece hit the nail on the head in talking about the fun of it. My primary intention with this show was to produce a hilarious kind of spectacle that people would just enjoy! I think I succeeded in that. There are some more serious feelings and thoughts underneath all that, but the main purpose I had was to make people laugh.

The show went really well. It was well received in that people really smiled and laughed alot. I have a guest book full of very nice comments. It got a fair amount of press here too, though no big reviews or anything like that. I sold two little ones but no big ones, Das ist ziemlich viel, was ich erwartet hatte.”

Leslie hat auf diesen Schafen arbeitet seit rund drei Jahren. Sie hatte gelernt, wie ein Kind häkeln, aber dann hob es auf “zum Spaß” und eins führte zum anderen. Sie besuchte ein paar CGOA Konferenzen, begann, einige tragbare Kunst und nahm dann eine Häkelnbildhauerklasse mit Ming Yi Sung. (Wer, übrigens, Häkeln ist eine erstaunliche Künstlerin, die ich nicht über mich selbst zu wissen, vor diesem Interview, aber bin jetzt anbetenden so erwarten einen Künstler auf ihrem Profil eine dieser kommenden Montag!)

Es war in diesem Bildhauerklasse, dass Leslie ihre ersten Schafe. Leslie zögert, einen Favoriten zu nennen Schafe. Schließlich, sie sind alle einzigartig. Aber sie gibt zu, dass diese ersten Schafe (Namen und nicht im Baa Show vorge, weil es nicht wirklich eine Ikone wie die anderen sind) nur einen besonderen Platz in ihrem Herzen haben könnte.

Ich war neugierig, ob Leslie wird auch weiterhin die Herstellung dieser großen Schafen oder ob sie sich bewegt auf etwas anderes.

“Ich werde wohl weiterhin ein oder zwei Schafe pro Jahr zu machen, um zu der Menge hinzufügen, wenn ich zusätzliche Plätze zu finden, um sie als Gruppe zeigen. Wenn ich nicht kann, Ich kann auf andere Dinge bewegen. Aber wenn ich ein oder zwei Shows für sie im nächsten Jahr oder so finden, Ich werde nur langsam; Ich werde nicht machen 7 oder 8 Schafe pro Jahr wie ich in diesem Jahr aber!”

Leslie ging zu teilen, dass etwa achtzehn Monaten war sie eine Auszeichnung für die Schafe hat und dann musste fast ein Dutzend mehr zu produzieren. Also in gewisser Weise, the sheep took over her life for awhile and she won’t be working on the project at that pace again. I was surprised to learn (and she was surprised it happened) that even during this time when she was working intensively on the sheep she was also making developments in her painting.

This led to some conversation about Leslie’s artwork and the two different mediums that she most uses: painting and crochet. I was surprised to learn that she was doing crochet before painting. She has a well-developed portfolio of painting work on her site so I’d mistakenly assumed that it came first and the painting came second but that’s not the case.

I have a few odd pieces I did that literally are transition pieces. I was making all kinds of crochet motifs and adhering them to painted canvas. I started the painting classes to figure out how to make better backgrounds for these crochet pieces. But then the painting took on a life of its own. I don’t do that kind of piece anymore; I called themcro-llages”! Sehen … to me the crochet was a gateway creative activity; it’s all the same to me . . . creative effort, whether crochet or painting or whatever. But the crochet is what I knew first, so it came first and led to other things.

Here’s an example of some of that early Fiber Art, a piece called Klimt Hooked and Cubed in which Blackmon took the shapes from a Klimt painting, did her best to mimic his painted background, glued the crochet on with gel medium and glazed over it:

Screen shot 2011 07 12 at 8.17.20 PM 500x485 Interview with Crochet Artist Leslie Blackmon

I have found that certain kinds of things are much more readily expressed through painting, other kinds of things through crocheted art. I vacillate between the two, as the mood strikes me. I am happy that I have two such different media with which to express myself.

I wondered aloud if this difference between the mediums was because of the difference between 2D and 3D art but she said that it’s more about the process of each medium for her:

I would say that painting is something that you can be much faster and more spontaneous with in a way. At least for me. I paint fast and intuitively. A painting really emerges through through the process for me. My crocheted work, by contrast, is very planned; nicht völlig, but basically I plan how the sheep will look and then I go through the process of building it very methodically.

Since Leslie started to crochet for fun (not for art, an sich) I was curious about her history with the craft.

Leslie explained that she picked up basic crochet and moved on to learning fancier stitches, making wearable items and then wearable art. She no longer makes wearable pieces because she’s focused on the artwork. I just felt this urge to make things to hang on the wall or stand on pedestals, and that drew me away from wearable things”.

But it does sound like she’s a little bit torn:

“Ich liebe es, Häkeln, and I love crocheters! If there is one thing I regret about going into it in the way I have, it is that I have less time left for just crocheting scarves and afghans and such! It is a wonderful craft on all levels.

I was curious about the technical aspects of the crochet in the Baa-America! Projekt. There is a lot of crochet art that I’ve looked at over time that may be beautiful but the stitchwork isn’t all that detailed or fancy. Leslie’s isn’t like this. You can see that there’s technical ability in the pieces. So I asked about that.

“Ja. There’s lots of fancy stitching in there, but I’d developed that through the wearable art. The hardest thing for me was coming up with a creative new thing to do with the technical crochet skillsand I think I did!”

Ich bin damit einverstanden!

So what’s next for Blackmon in her art?

I think when you finish a solo show, you enter a natural questioning period. The show was so much fun it is tempting to just make more and more sheep, but it is also tempting to do something new. … I am currently just painting, although I have two sheep “im Werk” zu. They have just taken a back seat. Meanwhile, I have other crochet shows in mind that would take me in a whole new direction, and that’s fun to think about too. Und dann … I have tried to think of how I could combine crochet and painting in a fun kind of show. I tend to think in terms of bodies of workso each of these projects would be very time-consuming, and I have to think carefully before committing to any one of them! I have ideas that are pretty well formed in my mind that I think would be good shows, but I have to decide whether to flesh them out I have no idea which direction I’ll go (noch). I think an artist must allow themselves time to explore things they feel drawn to and just follow wherever the path leads. So . . . I’m trying to keep my mind open to both the fiber art and painting and see what happens. It’s a personal search though.


Ich, for one, will be excited to see where this crochet artist takes her work regardless of the medium she selects (although I’m obviously partial to the crochet work!) I hope you all like this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. Go check out her work!

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