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When I heard last year about a hæklet tilbagetog i Marrakech, Marokko, I really wished that I could go. I knew that I couldn’t afford it then but really hoped that maybe by the time this twice-yearly event rolled around again that it would somehow be in the cards. Desværre, an international trip isn’t in this indie author’s budget this year either but I can dream, kan jeg ikke? And I can share the info so that maybe one of you can go and then send me pictures so I can live vicarously!

Marrakech Hæklet Retreat

morocco crochet My Wish List: Marrakech Crochet Retreat

Denne tilbagetrækning er en 6-dages retreat, hvor du bo på Chambres d'Amis i Marrakech. This is a modern boutique hotel in the historic heart of the city. Omkostningerne er 550 Euro, which is a little bit less than $800 U.S. Dollars. Flybillet er ikke inkluderet, men du får en masse andre ting for dine penge, herunder måltider, transfer from the airport to the hotel and a few city tours.

The Crochet Vacation Goodies

marrakesh crochet retreat My Wish List: Marrakech Crochet Retreat

For your fee, you get yarn and hooks to crochet with during the vacation. Other things that you’ll get to enjoy on this crochet retreat include:

  • Going to the souk where you can buy unique wool and cotton yarn
  • Taking the wool that you purchase to a local dye-house established in the Middle Ages and getting it dyed for you!
  • Crocheting in several amazing spaces throughout the area including crocheting with Moroccan woman in the open air
  • Guerilla crocheting on Jamaa el Fna square

April and October Crochet Retreats

crochet vacation My Wish List: Marrakech Crochet Retreat

The dates of the upcoming spring crochet retreat in Marrakesh are April 19th to April 24th. If it’s too soon for you to book that but the retreat sounds too amazing to miss then you may want to try to schedule an October Marrakech trip; the fall crochet retreat is October 4th – 9th.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Wish List: Marrakech Crochet Retreat
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