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Jeg har skrevet flere gange for nylig om hæklet for mindfulness meditation, hvilket betyder at bruge hæklet til at bremse ned og blive fokuseret. Der er også en anden side af stilheden i hækling, som jeg synes er noget relateret; undertiden vores krop simpelthen nødt til at sidde stille, og vi føler sig skyldige over at så hækling giver os begrundelsen for at give os selv den egenomsorg sidde stille.

Amandas Story

Jeg tænker om det i dag på grund af en fantastisk e-mail jeg modtog fra Amanda, der delte en lille smule af sin egen personlige hæklet sundheds-historie. Hun siger:

“Jeg lider angst. Selv om jeg har undervist i over 15 år, og har haft masser af succes i min profession, dealing with the rest of my life has proven challenging. I have pressured myself, for as long as I can remember, to stay busymany times running myself into the ground, exhausted from unfulfilling relationships and activities. Crochet has helped.

My husband appreciates my crafting because he sees me more when I’m working on a crochet project. He also enjoys watching the projects unfold! Also my attendance at work has improved because I am able to get out of bed rejuvenated because I have relaxed the night before crocheting. I look forward to coming home from work and settling into a project after dinner.

Crocheting has allowed me to slow down, spend time alone or with my immediate family and end up with an amazing project rather than exhausted, struggling to get out of bed because Ijust don’t know how I’m going to face another day like the last. Crocheting justifies me sitting still when life is just too much.

Justifying Sitting Still

It is unfortunate that we feel the need to justify sitting still but Amanda’s feeling about that is one that I think many of us can relate to. We have so many things that we need to do in life. And we have so many things that we truly want to do. We want to be there for the people we love. We want to create. We want to achieve. We want to socialize. We need to make money, meet our commitments, take care of everyday chores. I think as women we are especially hard on ourselves when we feel like we’rebeing lazy” og “doing nothing”. It’s not always an easy thing to escape that feeling and be gentle on ourselves. One thing that can help is to find a way to be still that also feels productive to us. Crochet is great for that because we can create, be expressive/ artistic, make useful items for people we love and sometimes even earn a side income through the craft while we are still essentially sitting still.

Crochet as Self-Care

Amanda makes so many great points in her story. I think the most important thing that she illuminates here is that taking the time to take care of ourselves and rest and heal ultimately makes us better at everything we do in our lives and allows us to give more to others. Crochet is an excellent form of self-care!

Do you ever feel guilty sitting still and doing nothing? Does crochet help with that feeling?

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I definitely feel guilty when I relax because there always seems to be something else I "bør" be doing :(


You got it in one in the first paragraph. I don't feel "guilty" as such but in a similar vein I get frustrated when my body has to be still and I feel like I am "wasting valuable time". Crocheting allows me to feel productive (not guilty or frustrated for wasting time). I have to remind myself that resting and looking after myself is not a waste of time by any means as your post and Amanda's story testify. These days I am trying to teach my children to resist the unhealthy societal pressure that one has to be busy all the time and to look for balance in all aspects of their lives because health is a number 1 priority.


Undertiden, If I am doing absolutely nothing ad watching tv I feel like i should be doing something with my hands.


Crocheting helps me a great deal with anxiety too. I can't just sit and do nothing. Having that yarn in my hands creating something beautiful not only soothes my body but my spirit also.

CrochetBlogger moderator

I think you've identified something important here which is that "guilty" may not be the word that applies to everyone but that there is still a familiarity to this feeling that we "bør" be doing something more. I think it is WONDERFUL and amazing that you are working to teach your children that balance.

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