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Det er tid for den årlige afstemning om Goodreads for de bedste bøger af 2012.

If you’ve read my book, Hæklet reddede mit liv, and thought that it was a good read then it would be terrific if you could cast your vote.

Just go to the best non-fiction voting page and add the title in at the bottom in the write-in section. Once you start typing the title it should appear there for you to click on it and select.

This is an easy way to support an indie author who is committed to supporting the crochet community in every way that she can!


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Ligesom dette indlæg, bedes ramme aktien knap! Virkelig elsker, hvad jeg laver med hækling concupiscence? Overveje at gøre en donation eller bliver en blog sponsor.

Hej Kathryn,

Just a note to let you know that I popped on over to goodreads and wrote in your book as my vote!

I've been reading your book a bit slowly, I haven't finished as I've been pretty distracted with all the knit and crochet

projects I've in the works. Good luck and I hope you win!


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