Edgy 1970'erne Hæklet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

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The 1970s crochet book Kreativ hækling shows several pieces of work from a Lannie Martowe. The 1980s book Art to Wear has a few items from a mixed media crochet artist named Lannie Hart. I’m not 100% certain but it is my guess based on the style of the work that these two women are one in the same. Lannie Hart is still making art today, in the form of mixed media sculptures that explore femininity, found objects and iconic imagery.

Lannie Martowe in Creative Crochet

Lannie Martowe has multiple crochet art pieces featured in the Creative Crochet book.

lannie martowe crochet mask Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

My favorite of Lannie’s pieces in this book is this African Voodoo Man, which we only see a portion of here. What I love is how it is clearly crochet work and yet incorporates lots of other craft techniques. The eyes are embroidery and the feathers and leather are sewn into the piece. The seashells show an early love of mixed media that would characterize Lannie’s work in the years to come.

lannie martowe crochet Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

Det “beaded bibby Lannie Martiowe combines openwork crochet stitches and highly textural stitches with metallic beadwork decorations. The book explains that Lannie recreated this three-dimensional wearable art piece from a drawing.

lannie martowe crochet sculpture Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

This Kris Kringle doll is about 18tall and designed to look as much like an antique doll as possible. It is made from a combination of cotton and wool yarn.

Lannie Hart in Art to Wear

The 1980s book Art to Wear consists primarily of work from artists who specifically make wearable art (naturligvis). Interessant, selv, Bogen er udstyret med det arbejde Lannie Hart, selvom det, der vises der er ikke specifikt wearable. Ligesom 1975 Hart Bag, vist foran og bagpå her:

lannie hart crochet art Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

lannie hart art Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

Jeg elsker den måde, at dette stykke kombinerer foto overførsel med hæklet kant, men det indeholder også andre håndværk teknikker som syning og quiltning.

Art to Wear afslører mere om kunstneren. Hart blev født i det sydlige og lærte at fartøjer fra sin mor, der forstod at hækle blandt mange andre husflid. Hun var en kommerciel kunst større på Virginia Commonwealth men flyttede til New York i midten af ​​1960'erne. Hun siger i denne tid:

“The Flower Child øre var i fuldt flor; Jeg havde fjer i mit hår og gjort beaded halskæder. Jeg har ikke bare klæde, Jeg skabte kostumer.”

It was in New York that she met many of the women who were at the forefront of the creative crochet movement, women like Dina Knapp, Nicki Hitz Edson, Julie Schafler Dale and Sharron Hedges. Hart learned to appreciate her Souther craft roots while at the same time exploring the mixture of “maskulin” og “feminin” mixed media in single art pieces. We see that combination in the 1976 piece Winged Victory which combines “maskulin” objects like screws, bolts and Lucite with “feminin” crafts including crochet, quiltning og broderi:

lannie hart mixed media art Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

Lannie Martowe now Lannie Hart?

Som jeg sagde, I haven’t confirmed anywhere that Lannie Martowe later began going by the name Lannie Hart but here’s why I think they’re the same person:

  • Many of the artists featured in Creative Crochet were later featured in Art to Wear.
  • Art to Wear mentions that Lannie Hart knew Nicki Hitz Edson, medforfatter Kreativ hækling.
  • Several of the female artists featured in 1970s crochet books changed names between the 1970s and now, presumably due to marriages.
  • There is some similarity between the work by this artist in each of these two books. There is a trend towards sculptural work as well as a trend towards incorporating crochet with other mixed media.
  • Lannie isn’t the most common first name, is it?!
So I feel pretty confident that these are the same artist even though I haven’t seen it confirmed.

Lannie Hart in the Gallery

Hart has shown in galleries since the 1970s. Her first show was a group show in 1975 at Hallmark Gallery in New York. After that she was featured in many other group shows in and around New York including multiple shows at Julie Artisans Gallery (the gallery that brought many of the crochet artists from that time and place together in one space). Hart had her first solo show in 1988. After that there was almost a twenty year gap between shows but in 1006 she began showing frequently again. She had a solo show in 2010 and participated in two group shows last year.

Lannie Hart, Sculptor

You can see what Lannie Hart is up to in the twenty first century by visiting her web page. She reiterates there that she has worked in many different mediums, including paints and clay, and of course soft sculpture with fiber and crochet. Her site says, “In her current sculpture she has drawn from her years of experience in all these media. Her work is a melange of all the materials she loves.

Hart uses a variety of found objects in her sculpture work. She uses polymer clay and various metals to create the shapes and works the found objects in to the piece, and she enhances these pieces by painting on them. I love the strong femininity of many of these pieces, like What Was She Thinking As She Walked Down The Aisle:

sculpture art Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

I also love that many of her pieces celebrate whimsy. You see it in the arm of the above sculpture but I think you see it even more in this piece titled Spring:

spring sculpture Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

Lannie Hart, Many Hats

Lannie Hart seems to have never limited itself when it came to making art. In addition to her sculpture work, she also does artistic jewelry. An example is this bracelet, which is described beautifully asA collage of vintage jewelry from the 1940’s and 50’s assembled on a silver tone bracelet”:

art jewelry Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

It looks like Lannie Hart has also made a living for herself in her original art home of 3D design. She has done things like packaging and logos for large clients including Estee Lauder, Elisabeth Arden, Knotts Berry Farm, and Godiva Chocolates.

1970s crochet Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart

Dette indlæg er en del af en serie om 1970s hæklede designere. Visit the other posts in the series to see crochet designers like Jean Williams Cacicedo, Ruth Nivola and Sharron Hedges.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Edgy 1970s Crochet Art: Lannie (Martowe) Hart
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