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gaultier exhibit Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

At the end of May I did an overview of crochet in the Jean Paul Gaultier collection and I promised you at that time that whenever I got around to going to the Gaultier exhibit at the De Young Museum I’d take photos of the crochet there to share with you. Godt, Jeg gik bare og her er disse billeder:

The Crocodile Crochet Dress

gaultier crocodile crochet Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

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I featured this dress in my original Gaultier crochet roundup but it was so much better to see it in person. The yarn is thick and wooly and almost looks like it’s straight out of the 1970s even though it’s a fairly recent design. Normally that would not be a good thing but it totally works with the texture of the dress.

gaultier crochet Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

Jeux d’artifices” Kjole

gaultier crochet feather dress Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

The placard for this dress at the exhibit told me that its from the 2009-2010 (fall/winter) Movie Stars collection. Det er en “crocheted dress with net, pheasant feathers, and snakeskin, embroidered with satin stitches and beads”. Det tog 110 hours to make it. What I’m amazed by with this one is how seamlessly the crochet and feathers are worked together in garment with perfect draping.

crochet feather dress Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

Immaculata Gown

gaultier crochet gown Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

This gown, fra kilden / sommer 2007 Virgins collection is acrocheted lace dress with cherub appliques in linen”. The mask and headdress are also crochet.

crochet skirt gaultier1 Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

You can see the dress in action in this video of Kylie Minogue’sLike a Drugsong; the video played as a projection during her tour:

Irish Point Lace

gaultier irish point lace Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

Opslaget siden dette billede, der blev offentliggjort i april 2009 udstedelse af W magazine, siger, at denne kjole er lavet af irsk blonde. Jeg er ikke bekendt med, hvad dette udtryk betyder og googling det bare opdraget en masse ting om irsk blonder, der antyder, at det kan betyde hækling eller det kan betyde en anden form for irsk Broderi. Uanset, Det er i samme familie, og jeg synes, det er en smuk kjole.

Den Strik kjole, Men …

gaultier knit dress Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

Denne kjole er strikket, ikke hækling, men det er en af ​​mine meget foretrukne stykker i hele udstilling. Og bare fordi det er en hæklet blog betyder ikke, jeg kan ikke indeholde noget strik nu og da! icon smile Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

gaultier knitted dress1 Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

Udover, der er afgjort nogle andre teknik foregår her med kniplinger … I couldn’t tell if it was actually crochet (even though I got so close to it that I thought the security people were going to remove me) but it doesn’t look exactly like knit on the floral motifs either.

gaultier dress detail Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit

I feel like I want to say more about this exhibit because it was a really, really wonderful exhibit but I think it put me at a loss for words. It has stunning camera effects that make the mannequins look like they are alive and talking to you (creepy, but amazing). It has several rooms of stunning fashions spanning various eras of the Gaultier career. There are some pieces there that made me shiver. If you’re in San Francisco, go see it.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet at Gaultier Exhibit
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