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When I first learned how to crochet I made a million scarves. The next thing I made was a set of three pillows. The living room I had at the time was a grey and pink color scheme so that’s what I did for the pillows. I’ve had those same pillows in my current living room for the past two years (since I moved apartments) but they really don’t match the room anymore. Mere, the crochet pillows that looked so great at the time don’t look so good to me now that I’ve got more experience with crochet. So I decided it’s time to frog and re-purpose them.

I’ve started with this one:

crochet pillow1 Repurposing One Crochet Pillow Into Another

I actually really liked this when I first made it. Over tid, selv, I’ve gotten sick of the amateur look of the pink edging and buttons which also don’t match my current home’s color scheme anyway (which is light blue, sort, grå og lilla). Så, I decided to frog it and use the basic grey again on two smaller pillows incorporating blue and black yarn in small bits.

reclaimed yarn Repurposing One Crochet Pillow Into Another

I have some purple pillows I don’t like that came with my purple couch so this seemed like the perfect time to cover them up with crochet.

pillow Repurposing One Crochet Pillow Into Another

The funny thing about my crochet path is that I didn’t learn granny squares until I’d learned lots of other techniques. Many people learn these right away, in childhood even, but to me they were this mystery that later became revealed after I’d practiced many other stitches. Jeg har sådan forelsket i bedstemor firkanter. Konkret, Jeg kan lide at arbejde på store bedstemødre, der bruger meget få farveændringer. Du har set det før, når jeg har delt min granny firkantede tæpper. Så besluttede jeg, hvad jeg ønskede at gøre med den inddæmmede garn var lave to store bedstemor firkantede puder, en byder blå og en byder sort, men begge overvejende grå regenereret garn.

granny square pillow Repurposing One Crochet Pillow Into Another

Jeg gjorde den blå først. Alt hvad jeg gjorde her blev gjort en stor bedstemor og derefter pakket det kuvert stil omkring hovedpuden, jeg havde.

crochet pillow cover Repurposing One Crochet Pillow Into Another

Så jeg brugte enkelt hæklet at sy alle disse sider sammen. Jeg besluttede at tilføje en blå hæklet blomst på denne side til tidspunkter, hvor jeg ønskede at vise en mere dekorativ pude end blot den grundlæggende firkant på den anden side.

back of crochet pillow Repurposing One Crochet Pillow Into Another

Jeg derefter brugt den resterende grå garn til at tage en lignende tilgang til det grå og sorte pude. I spaced the two black rows of the square differently than I had done with the blue rows because I didn’t want a completely matching look. I opted not to add a flower to the back of the black one.

granny square pillows Repurposing One Crochet Pillow Into Another

I’d love your feedback on my decision on repurposing my crochet pillows.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Repurposing One Crochet Pillow Into Another
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These are both very fun. It's always great to shake up home decor with some matching crochet accents.

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