My Crochet: Revamped Beanbag Chair

Awhile back I received a secondhand castoff beanbag chair from a friend who didn’t need it anymore. I’ve wanted a beanbag chair for awhile. I love low-to-the-ground furniture and furniture that can easily be moved around the apartment and a beanbag chair fit the bill.

The beanbag chair looked like this when I received it:

You can see on the sides there that had a cool feature: built-in pockets. Other than that, though, it was looking dated and not chic at all.

The first thing I did was flattened it out and folded it over to make a more rigid pouf instead of a super loungy college-style bean bag.

I went out and bought black “duck tape”. I used that to secure the folded over top to the bottom. I then used it to cover the entire top in black. This left me with a shiny black top and a creamy white bottom. Then I crocheted a granny circle in maroon to cover the entire thing; I used the basic pattern for the crochet mandala over at Crochet with Raymond. Actually, I crocheted two matching granny circles and then secured them together around the piece using single crochet.

The end result is a nice compact crochet covered pouf that sits in the reading corner in my bedroom.

How would you have reinvented this beanbag?

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  1. Awesome job – it looks great. :)

  2. @CrochetBlogger I like this-am planning on finishing a circlr tapestry crchet prjct-ws gng to use it 2 cover poufe-may now use it on a bnbag

  3. Love what you did with this! I would probably do the same thing but I would use Blue or purple yarn.

  4. nice :)

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  6. Wow! Looks great and comfortable . That is a wonderful bean bag. I am impressed! Your fabric is much
    more stylish than what they offer. Best quality bean bag chairs that will blow our
    mind. Thank you for sharing valuable information.

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