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Hæklet kunstner Mandy Greer har arbejde på to nye shows i Seattle-området. Hun har også arbejde i et show i Italien. Og hun har nogle andre seje ting foregår.

Who is Mandy Greer?

I adore crochet artist Mandy Greer (der learned to crochet from her husband, ved den måde) but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows who she is. Du kan learn more about this crochet artist here.

March Art Shows

mandy greer News from Crochet Artist Mandy Greer

Mandy Greer’s The Pelican Goddess

Greer has her work in three different art shows that all start in March:

  1. American Dreamers: Reality and Imagination in Contemporary Art. This is the show that Greer has work in that’s in Italy. It runs through July 15th at the Strozzina Centre for Contemporary Culture at Palazza Strozzi. Udstillingen “comprises a reflection on the work of artists who use fantasy, imagination and dreams to build alternative worlds to the increasingly complex reality of life today.That definitely describes Greer’s work which always looks magical to me.
  2. Red Currant (sweet fruit). This one starts March 23rd at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. It’s a show featuring 37 different artists. Greer’s piece, The Pelican Goddess, is part of that show.
  3. Lavish and Lush. This is part of a clay-bombing event taking place in Seattle during the last weekend of March. Although I call her a crochet artist, Greer is a mixed-media artist with a foundation in clay work. I’m not sure what Greer is doing for this one but it should be interesting!

Community Crochet Workshops

crochet river in church News from Crochet Artist Mandy Greer

Greer encourages crochet creativity in her community in a number of ways. In April and May she’ll be hosting a number of community crochet workshops teaching crochet to anyone who wants to learn. This is part of an ongoing project called Mater Matrix Mother and Medium which includes the constant development of a community-created crocheted river. The river moves from place to place, changing shape each time. This month it’s in New York at the Cathedral St. John the Divine (as shown above).

Læs mere fra Mandy Greer’s website.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 News from Crochet Artist Mandy Greer
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