Inca Eco Cotton Yarn Review and Blog Tour

Galler Yarns recently contacted a handful of bloggers to see if we’d like to be a part of the blog yarn tour for their Inca Eco Cotton Yarn. That blog tour has been going on nicely; I’ve loved seeing what everyone else wrote about their experience with the yarn. And now it’s my turn. Here’s an overview of the yarn and my succinct ten word review (my new yarn review signature).

About the Yarn

Inca Eco is an organic cotton thick-and-thin yarn that is imported from Peru. The skeins, which are sold wholesale (store locator here), are 640 yards.

The Color I Used

This yarn comes undyed or in various dyed colors, mostly earthy tones. I used a beautiful dusty blue. The color is consistent throughout the skein. Lovely.

What I Crocheted

I knew that I wanted to use this organic yarn to make a natural organic vase for my home. I made one, filled it with potpourri, topped it with a feather (until I can get a great fake rose) and added it to a vignette on my fireplace mantle.

My Succinct (almost) 10 Word Yarn Review

  1. Cotton
  2. Organic
  3. Natural
  4. Soft (so incredibly soft)
  5. Boucle (it’s not, but the thick and thin nature of it makes it almost like a boucle in cotton)
  6. Cozy
  7. Eco-friendly
  8. Luxurious
  9. Local (an odd choice, I know, but Galler Yarns is sold in at least two of my LYS so it feels local)
  10. Yes (I do recommend it!)

The Rest of the Blog Tour

Check out what others made and had to say when it comes to this yarn:

Still to come:


What is the most luxurious cotton yarn you’ve ever used?

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  1. What a great vase! I’m always looking for ways to display dried flowers, so this a cool idea.

    • @GallerYarns Thanks! I just made this design myself as I went along but there are a couple of really great patterns for organic vases in the book Unexpected Crochet for the Home:

  2. i heart handicrafts

    I would love to purchase this online. Do you know of any online stores that carry the large skeins?

    • @i heart handicrafts I don’t believe that it’s sold online at the current time but you can use the “locate a store” feature at to find a place near you.

      @GallerYarns may know if any of the stores selling it are offering it through an online channel.

    • @i heart handicrafts You can find a list of shops that sell Inca Eco at the bottom of this blog post: The list indicates who sells online and who sells via phone order, too. Sorry for the delayed response – I just found your comment out of my spam folder.

      • @GallerYarns Thanks Galler for letting us know about that. I know that @i heart handicrafts is hoping to get in online. I didn’t check too many of the sites but it looks like Dharma Trading sells the undyed yarn online through their site.

  3. It would get dirty if I were there as I would be touching-feeling it all of the time :)

    • @carolmckayau :) It actually has a really great feel to it. I haven’t worked with cotton a lot so I don’t know if this is normal but it’s like the more you handle it, the softer it gets.

    • @carolmckayau :) It actually has a really great feel to it. I haven’t worked with cotton a lot so I don’t know if this is normal but it’s like the more you handle it, the softer it gets.

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