Carrie Wolf Gets Hooked Together

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Hvis du ikke er bekendt med Hooked Sammen kan du lære mere om, hvordan det fungerer her og se den seneste opdatering om sine fremskridt her.

The next blog up on my list is Carrie Wolf. Jeg er spændt på at tjekke hendes blogroll, fordi hun ikke kun blogs om hækling, men deler også hendes andre listige interesser, herunder Broderi, glasblæsning og keramik. So while I don’t yet know if I’m going to find any new crochet blogs to follow here, I do bet that I’ll get a chance to see some great new creative blogs that I’m not familiar with as I start this post.

First let me tell you a little bit about Carrie Wolf because her site has a few really good crochet things worth checking out. For eksempel, she’s got a couple of crochet patterns. She also has a tutorial on inserting lining and a zipper into a crochet purse. Nu, she hasn’t actually updated this blog since October but I’ve gone ahead and decided to explore her blogroll anyway because she’s been consistently blogging since 2006 so I know she’s going to be back.

Let’s see what she reads:

Tier One Blogs

Disse blogs er på blogroll, men de er også allerede i store liste af blogs jeg allerede læst. Awesome.

Blogs, der allerede er hægtes sammen

Disse blogs er på blogroll, men de har allerede været knyttet til, fordi de var på blogroll i en tidligere Hooked Sammen indlæg. Også awesome.

New-til-Me Hæklet Blogs

Multicraftual Blogs med hæklet Indlæg

  • Happy Zombie. Beautifully fun little craft blog with a little crochet and a lot of quilty goodness. @happy_zombie
  • Lankalauantai. Non-English blog that Google Translate tells me translates to Yarn Saturday. Only a little crochet but lots of gorgeous photos of yarn and many other things.
  • Modern Country. Multilingual blog with English translation option built in. All about contemporary country-style decor and living. Includes vintage crochet plus what the blogger’s making.
  • Fiber Focus. Awesome blog about all things fiber arts related.
  • Smoking Hot Needles. Mostly knitting and spinning (with terrific yarn eye candy photos) but occasional crochet as well.

Non-Hæklet Blogs

Sites, Not Blogs

This blogger has a lot of links in the blogroll that are to sites, not blogs, so I figured I’d aggregate them in one spot.

Out-of-Date Blogs

Ved anvendelsen af ​​Hooked Together, en blog anses forældet, hvis det ikke har haft en stilling i de sidste par måneder.

  • Glassblowing blog. The website is up to date however. It’s at Wolf Art Glass. Very pretty work!
  • Glass Fancy. Infrequently updated blog from a fused glass jewelry maker.
  • Weaving Finlander. Not updated since 2008.

Hvad fandt jeg? I actually found a couple new multi-craft blogs that I’ll be subscribing to including the fiber arts one. I also got to see lots of other pretty crafty things. And I’m happy to see that there’s a link between this blogroll and three others that have been Hooked Together previously. We’re all so connected!

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