Anika Vest Mønster Giveaway + Designer Interview

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giveaway 300x110 Anika Vest Pattern Giveaway + Designer Interview

Velkommen til Dag 2 i min 31 Days of Hæklet Giveaways! I dag er jeg glad for at have en chance for at gøre en giveaway på en hæklet mønster af Anastacia Knits. Det er en stor mønster og i tillæg til den giveaway jeg har fået et interview med designeren i dag.

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crochet pattern Anika Vest Pattern Giveaway + Designer Interview

This is a crochet pattern by Anastacia Knits. The pattern is for the Anika Vest, a great beginner crocheter’s vest pattern. It is written for vests in six different sizes, so you can make this for yourself or just about anyone else. The pattern is written for Spud and Chloe Sweater Yarn, which is a worsted weight yarn, and worked with an H hook. The pattern includes a schematic. You can buy this pattern for $6 fra AnastaciaKnits.

crochet patterns Anika Vest Pattern Giveaway + Designer Interview

Interview with Anastacia Knits

Now let’s meet the designer behind this great pattern. Hi Anastacia!
First things first, can you share the story behind your blog name (since I happen to know that you do many more yarn-y things than just knitting!)
When I first joined Ravelry, I was mainly knitting; I actually hadn’t crocheted much more then a dishcloth in 3 eller 4 år. I can never come up with screen names & used to use zorrosmommy a lot in those days (Zorro was our cat), but wanted something yarn related for Ravelry, so I came up with anastaciaknits – original, huh? I started using it all over the net as my screen name, so when I needed a name for my website, that’s what I decided to use. I really debating about changing it to anastaciacrochets, since I mainly design crochet, but I figured everyone already knew me under one name so why confuse it.
Makes sense to me. Så du gjorde lære at hækle da du var yngre, selvom du ikke havde gjort det i et par år, højre?
Jeg lærte at hækle som barn. Jeg er heldig at komme fra listige familier på begge sider. Min mor hæklede en masse da jeg var yngre, & min far selv lavet en hæklet afghansk, bruge grøn & appelsin garn, at jeg nu ejer. Begge bedstemødre strikket & hæklede, selvom man primært hæklede & den anden hovedsagelig strikker, & nogle af mine tanter er ganske snu, også. Min mor lærte mig at læse min første mønster, en bedstemor firkantet, & min fars mor begyndte at give mig nogle af hendes ældre mønstre & magasiner - Workbaskets, hovedsagelig, og det er hvordan jeg begyndte at samle mønstre. Jeg lærte at strikke fra en kirke ven som en teenager, selvom det ikke rigtig holde, & endte selv undervise mig fra youtube videoer år senere. I started spinning & dying after I joined Ravelry over 3 år siden.
So then how long have you been designing crochet and knitwear?
I actually always designed crochet stuff, I was designing stuff before I knew the term or understood that not everyone was a designer. Mainly dishcloths, square patterns, tons of scrunchies & barrettes – I always changed up patterns if I used one, changed the gauge, or the yarn or the stitch, or the construction. I started writing patterns in 2005 and was published for the first time in the Crochet Page a Day calendar in 2006. I began putting patterns up on my blog that same year. My first knitting pattern wasn’t until 3 år senere. It was a toe up, worsted weight sock pattern.
Do you have a favorite item that you’ve designed? Or one with a great story behind it?
All of them are my favorite!! Virkelig, it’s so much work putting out a great, well written design. So much of your heart and soul goes into even the simplest of designs that you end up falling in love with all of them. One of my favorites is also my most popular paid pattern, Dudley Do Wright. I couldn’t come up with a name for the shawl (som altid) & hubby kept naming local landmarks & he thought of a flea market we often go to called Dudley Do Right, so that’s what I started calling it. One of my testers happened to mention in passing the cartoon character of the same name (I had no idea) so I changed the spelling of the 3rd name just to protect myself from possible name infringements.
What can you tell us about your design process? Hvordan et design begynder i dit sind og derefter hvordan kommer det til at bære frugt som en fuld design?
Jeg tror, ​​jeg designe helt anderledes end de andre designere, jeg arbejder med. Jeg virkelig gøre den dobbelte mængde arbejde, men det virker for mig. Jeg temmelig meget design på krogen, rippe som behov være. Nogle gange har jeg swatch, også, men jeg plejer bare at spille, som jeg går. Jeg vil ofte have 3 eller 4 prøver går (regel ved hjælp af en billigere garn såsom acrylsyre), hver med en lidt anden udformning eller masker. For eksempel, Dudley Do Wright var en halv cirkel sjal i stedet for en trekant form for et stykke tid. Når jeg får en prøve, som jeg virkelig gerne, Jeg starter forfra, med en pænere garn, & skrive mønsteret op som jeg hækles den anden prøve, ved hjælp af den første prøve som mit eksempel, eller bruge min første prøve at bede om garn støtte, forelægger et magasin, etc..
That makes sense to me. I think everyone designs in their own way and you have to find what works for you. Jeg også “draftin acrylic although I write the pattern as I go the first time so my patterns have a lot of scratching out and stuff that doesn’t make sense to anyone but me until I get it to the computer. icon smile Anika Vest Pattern Giveaway + Designer Interview
What types of things inspire you in your yarn-y work?
Quilts, definitely. I’m obsessed with quilts, even though I don’t really sew & definitely don’t quilt. I designed the Coins Quilt scrap afghan pattern based upon the Coins Quilt pattern you often see on quilting blogs/websites. I also have a knitted afghan design I’ve been working off and on for over a year that’s based upon a log cabin variant.
You are very generous in allowing crafters to use your designs to make items for charity, raffles, free lessons to other crafters and even craft shows. Can you explain what limitations you do have on how people use your designs and why you’ve put those policies in place?
I really haven’t had to put any limitations, other then gently reminding people that even my free patterns are still copyrighted – that means you can’t just put up a copy of my pattern on your website & claim it as your own. I don’t believe I own the rights to your hard work, so that’s why I put that on all of my patterns, that you can sell your stuff pretty much anywhere, to make it clear for people. I do ask if you are going to sell my stuff online that you ask me first, but that’s mainly because I want to make sure you’ll credit me as a designer.
That seems more than fair ! What is your favorite thing about being part of the online crochet and knitting community?
The endless inspiration & venner!
Amen! icon smile Anika Vest Pattern Giveaway + Designer Interview If you could only use one social network, which one would you choose and why?
Definitely Ravelry. As wonderful as all of the other networks are, Ravelry changed my life & made me into a serious designer. My crafting “grew up”, I’ve met wonderful friends, & I can’t imagine life without it. I go weeks at a time forgetting about the other social networks, but I never forget about Ravelry.
What can we expect from you in 2012?
icon smile Anika Vest Pattern Giveaway + Designer Interview That’s my little secret, er det ikke? LOL Seriously, I’m hoping to get brave and get published instead of continuing to self publish. I’m a bit afraid of the process, even though I have been published in a book before, because I’m not very organized.
It can definitely be intimidating. I think there is a lot of value in self-publishing, selv. I’m excited to see what you do next!
What else would you like to make sure that we know about you, your crochet and / or crocheting in general?
Venligst, please – if you like any of my free patterns, please consider either making something for a local charity, or donating money to the Alzheimer’s Foundation at My family, like so many others, is affected by that horrible disease & I hope they find a cure sooner as compared to later.
Thanks for visiting! Okay, now on to the giveaway

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This giveaway is only open until midnight tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow on Twitter and Google Plus as well as in a roundup post of winners on Sunday. Items will be shipped by December 9th.

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