Is There Such a Thing as a Crochet Machine?

by Kathryn on June 13, 2011 · 15 comments

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comez crochet machine Is There Such a Thing as a Crochet Machine?

COMEZ crochet machine


There is a question that I have noticed coming up in crochet circles from time to time. It’s the question of whether or not a machine can make crochet. The answer is that although there is such a thing as a crochet machine, there is not a machine that can replicate handmade crochet as you and I know it.

There is such a thing as a crochet machine. The most well-known example are the crochet machines that are crafted by COMEZ, a manufacturer that also produces other types of needlework machines such as weaving needle looms. These machines are produced on a large scale for the textile industry. I first learned about these machines earlier this year when Textile World announced that the founder of the company had passed away at the age of 86.

The crochet machines created by COMEZ are also known as “warp knitting machines”. They have multiple needles that each correspond to a specific thread and they work together to create a crochet-like fabric that is said to be highly “drape-able”. However, as anyone who crochets knows, there are no needles in crochet work (except for the ones used to weave in ends!) and therefore this really isn’t anything like true handmade crochet.

To date, there are no machines that can replicate the type of crochet that we do by hand. This makes crochet unique. There are knitting machines that can make knit items on a large scale to be sold in stores. The same is not true of crochet. If you see crochet in a store then you should know that the item was made by hand by someone in the world. It wasn’t made by a machine.

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I am so glad to hear this. I've recently been diagnosed with neuropathy and it's in my hands. And, I am still trying to crochet. I just want anyone I know who I give a gift of crochet work to that it took a lot of work and love. And, that it's not easy for me to do anymore.


One of my favorite posts, and actually the post that brought me to this blog in the first place a few months ago!


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