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Hæklet kan være en gammel kunstart, men det betyder ikke, at det er forældet. Dagens hæklede kunstnere bruger den hotteste teknologi, herunder apps på deres smartphones, iPods og tabletter, at forbedre deres hæklet erfaring. Leder du efter en hæklet, håndværk eller garn app? Start her!


Some of these apps include information related to other needle arts but they all have an emphasis on crochet:

  • CraftVideo: Hook. This iPhone app has 20+ crochet tutorials in video format to assist you in learning to crochet. It’s good for beginners and for refreshing on the basics of crochet. It has an in-app chat option for people who are interested in communicating with a wider crochet community. Det er $1.99 on iTunes.
  • Crochet Cards. This free Android app lets you store and tag your crochet projects (with or without images) so that you can keep them organized, search through them, etc..
  • Ewe Stash. “Ewe Stash is an easy-to-use iPhone app that helps in the management of yarn stash, der er, all the materials most fiber artists already have in their studios. Sorting tabs quickly re-sort and re-group stash items. Each sorting view arranges the items in a manner that makes sense of a stash at a glance.” (kilde)
  • Stitch Stash. This is another iPhone app that allows you to organize your projects and the items that you have available for projects. You can track your yarn and hooks as well as your projects. It’s currently $0.99 in the iTunes store.
  • Knitting and Crocheting HD (billedet ovenfor). Det $4.99 iPad app is great for people who are learning basic crocheting and knitting. It has basic crochet instructions for various stitches.
  • Easy Stitch 1.0. This iPhone app is designed to make it simple for anyone to learn how to crochet, knit or embroider. If you already know how to crochet but want to explore another needle art then it may be useful. Or it’s a good app to recommend to someone who doesn’t know how to crochet yet.
  • StitchMinder. I have heard good things about this iPhone app which helps you to count rows when creating a crochet project.
  • County. This is a free Android app that is similar to StitchMinder.
  • Crochet Course. Det $2.99 iPhone app provides lessons on how to crochet. It’s useful for beginners but also has more advanced stitch lessons as well.
  • HandiCraft. This is a knitting and crochet instructional app for the iPad. “Mønstre, Tools, Resources and Lessons all at your fingertips offering full coverage without the need for an Internet connection.
  • Bead Calculator: This app helps you figure out how many beads you need to string for a crocheted necklace.
  • Den Hæklet Dude. This popular crochet blogger shares his blog posts, Tweets and videos in one place with this iPhone app.


Crochet folks love their craft sites and the apps related to them:

  • Etsy Addict. This iPhone app is for crochet lovers who are obsessed with Etsy!
  • Ravelry iPhone app. It’s not ready yet but it’s being worked on! One thing to note is that there is a lot of various technology available through this site including various apps. For eksempel, Tales of a Techno Hooker recently aptly described how to open NexStitch crochet patterns on your iPad via Ravelry.
  • FamilyFun’s Craft Finder App. I haven’t tested this app but from what I know it’s a general app for finding crafts based on skill level etc. I don’t know for sure that it has crochet-specific crafts in it. It’s for iPhone and iPad.


Looking for an app to help you find, spore og nyd garn til dit hæklede projekter? Her aer nogle garn apps:

  • Lion Brand. Denne store garn sælger har en iPhone app til at finde garn, søger mønstre og lokalisering af butikker, der sælger mærkets garn.
  • Red Heart. Denne overkommelige garn mærke har en app, der giver, mønstre, videoer og produktinformation.
  • Garn Shopper. Denne Android app “kan du se, hvor mange fed garn du har brug for og hvor meget du vil betale for dit projekt.”
  • Jo-Ann App. En masse mennesker får deres garn fra Jo-Ann. Dette er en app til at forbedre din shopping oplevelse i denne butik.
  • Yarnphone, fremmes af Ravelry. Denne service hjælper dig med at finde garn butikker i dit lokalområde. Det er et web-baseret websted, faktisk ikke en app, men det er optimeret til brug på iPhone specifikt.
  • Garn U. This iPhone app reportedly has images and information for 100+ garntyper. It is basically like porn for people who are obsessed with yarn and yarn-based crafts.
  • iLocate Wool and Yarn. “iLocate is a comprehensive searchable database for all the Wool & Yarn locations whereever you are with contact info, directions, and so much moreall at the touch of a button.
  • iSpinToolKit. This is an app to help people who spin their own yarn! What a cool idea.


Want to read about crochet on your smartphone? Here are some crochet book apps:

  • All About Crochet. This ebook is unique because it’s an app for the Palm WebOS. Most apps these days are for Android and iPhone users.
  • Crocheting Made Easy. This low cost Android app is a crochet book. It has information on crochet for beginners and includes a history of crochet.
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