Crochet Artist: Crochetdermy by Shauna Richardson

Shauna Richardson is a UK-based crochet artist with a background in conceptual art. She specializes in a type of crochet art she calls crochetdermy. As the name suggests, this is crochet designed to look like taxidermy. Hers isn’t the only work I’ve seen that looks like taxidermy crochet but she’s the only crochet artist I know of to date who actively specializes in this.

More about Crochet Artist Shauna Richardson

Shauna Richardson describes her mission on her website as exploring the theory that anything can be art by combining various themes that might be uncomfortable. She is currently at work on a crochet project for the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012. She makes crochet taxidermy on commission and also sells the pieces that she makes in her studio. It takes her about one month to create each piece of crochet taxidermy art. The animals are designed to be life size.

Coining the Term Crochetdermy

The “crochetdermy” word on Richardson’s website has a trademark symbol after it so it is my understanding that this is a term that she coined. I think it’s a great word that describes a type of crochet art that a lot of hobbyists dabble in.

Examples of Richardson’s Crochet Art

Some of Shauna Richardson’s crochet art work includes:

  • Lionheart Project. This is the aforementioned Olympic crochet project. It includes three giant lions crocheted by hand and showcased in a taxidermy style case. The lions are made using a locally-sourced wool to celebrate the rich textile history of the area (according to BBC news). By giant, we are talking about lions that are much larger than life size:

shauna richardson crochetdermy

crochet lions paw

  • Three Baboons for the Windows of Taschen in London. Gorgeous:

  • Various crochet taxidermy animals. What I love about this work is that it is so incredibly detailed. I’ve seen similar stuff on Etsy and on various crochet sites over time but I’ve never seen work that was so detailed and almost realistic. Apartment Therapy explains that her “pieces are made with different wools and mohair mixes to give the animals a more realistic effect while not covering up her beautiful free-style stitching. The entire animal is done by using a single type of stitch with one size hook and changes up the angles to highlight the animals features.” Great stuff.


Power of Making


shauna richardson crochet taxidermy

Shauna Richardson’s Crochet Art Around the Web:

  • CrochetMe has a short video about Richardson’s crochetdermy.
  • DesignBoom has an article with great images of Shauna Richardson’s crochet taxidermy art both up close and in urban settings like in the image pictured at the top of this post.
  • Chain Creative did an interview with the crochet artist that is worth a read.

Question for Readers

What is your opinion of crochet taxidermy art? Some people love it and some think it’s weird or creepy but most have an opinion one way or another.

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