Amy’s Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke


I love the color combination on this pretty crochet mandala, which reminds me of the flowers in the card that accompanied the contribution. The golden yellow center hints at a flower. The two rounds of white really make the brighter colors pop. And the dark border adds an intensity that makes the rest of the work seem less fragile somehow, emanating, instead a strength. Beautiful.

14 New Crochet Shawl Patterns

crochet shawl pattern

Summer varies from place to place. I’m originally from Arizona, where summers meant cars got so hot that you burned your hand on the steering wheel if you weren’t careful. I’m living in San Francisco where the wind whips in summer and it’s often the coldest time of year here. Wherever you live, you might find the need for a summer shawl, or you might want to start crafting one now for autumn. Here are fourteen crochet shawl patterns to consider:

Crochet Contribution to Mandalas for Marinke from PrincessandtheBear

princessandthebear mandalasformarinke crochet mandala

This is the spoke crochet mandala pattern by Wink. Maker Sam of PrincessandtheBear shared: “When I chose my mandala pattern I thought, “ooh, it looks easy”, and it was – but I still learned a new way of starting a row, a wonderful way of finishing a row (which I will always use) and a Tunisian crochet stitch. Even though she’s not here anymore, Wink still inspires and teaches.”