Alternative Material Yarn Balls As Art

by Kathryn on August 14, 2013 · 2 comments

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Alternative materials like newspaper can be turned into yarn balls and those yarn balls are art in and of themselves.


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I’ve mentioned in passing that he accepts yarn donations but I’ve never discussed it in detail and now is a great time because the artist is in need of donations for a big upcoming project that he’s doing as part of his artist residency that starts in August.

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The Knit the City yarnbombers completed their biggest every yarnbombing recently, spreading springtime-inspired guerilla knit and crochet creations all over Brixton.

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Each yarn behaves a little bit differently. There is an opportunity via Etsy to sample different types of breeds in small batches of yarn to get a sense of the different options available.


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We’ll look at types of wool and wool yarns, different phrases used in reference to wool, pros and cons of crocheting with wool, wool events and more.


2012 in Crochet: Yarn

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In this post I’m rounding up all of the articles I shared in 2012 that were about yarn.


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Two women in Los Angeles are working together to launch a “yarn truck”, which is basically a yarn store on wheels.

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