150+ More Beautiful Crochet Photos from Instagram This Week


I am endlessly surprised by the stunning beauty and creative innovation that courses through my Instagram stream each week, including those photos that people tag with #crochetsavedmylife or #crochetconcupiscence. You’ll find many of those photos here in this week’s roundup but be sure to check the tags to see them all!

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Two Weeks Rich in Instagram Crochet Photos

thread crochet mandal

Time slipped away from me and I didn’t get the Instagram roundup on the blog last weekend so here I am with two weeks of photos to sort through. It’s always so inspiring to see what people are creating in crochet – so much rich beauty there in so many different styles! You can see all of the contributions by checking out #crochetconcupiscence and #crochetsavedmylife on Instagram. Here were some of my favorites.

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Instagram Honors the Work of Wink from A Creative Being

mandalas for marinke crochet

My regular featured crochet Instagram posts will resume next week but I wanted to dedicate this week to honoring Wink of A Creative Being who died from suicide last week. If you don’t know about her loss, you can read her sister’s blog post here and my initial reaction here. It is a huge loss for the crochet community world and the world as a whole and it has impacted many people deeply.

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